Saturday, 30 May 2009

Why would you tease?

You know when you LOVE a song you put it on repeat for day[s] and you don't get tired of it? YeaH well I was like that with Jeremiah - Birthday Sex...I LOVED that song...still like it now BUT not as much, where is the video?

Up 'til now there isn't one released, why?

Instead we get this...

Stop teaaaaaaaaaaasingggggggggggggggggggggg!!!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Speculation on Sexy Specs...


I was sitting on FACEBOOK and came across summink last night BUT I was too tired to get into it, so I bookmarked it and watch it this afternoon...

Spectacular from Pretty Ricky has challenged a few celebrities to a 'grind off'...

LoooL...I canNOT stop watching it...People say it's GAY and HOMO and allah that! BUT I reckon it is an INTERESTINGLY GREAT video...FANTASTIC way to get attention and promote the new song...

I think the song is a BANGER...I personally LOVE it.

Pretty Ricky - Tipsy...

(8) ...All I wanna do is download...

Remember how I told you Music is my 5th love and alla that, it's becoming a CLOSE race between 4th and 5th...CRAZY!


Lil Kim looks WELL scary BUT my man [LITERALLY] Teddy 2da Pizzain SAVED the day once AGAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!! This song is MY track right now!

Lil Kim & T Pain feat Charlie Wilson - Computer Love [Download]

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Where's my biscuit?

Kit Kat, everybody knows the chocolate, whether it's your favourite or you eat it or not. You MUST know what it contains...BISCUIT!!!

YeaaaH, I thought so to. It was the 4finger packet and each finger was BISCUITLESS! It tasted like Cadburys. I feel to SUE but Nestle are too good to me...

P.s...Toni's fingers thought they were NEEDED in the shot on the right...LoL


It's my little sisters birthday today...She's FINALLY legal so she can STOP taking my I.D

I love her to pieces and smaller pieces and pieces!

TONIGHT? We drink!



I'm addicted to piercings and tattoos...I call it acupuncture...I LOVE and have a few of em...

2years ago I made a decision to remove one...

The lose was realised today, I re-pierced it.

^^^ The greyness and crust I ASSURE you is the reaction from the numbing cream...LoL...I moisturise!

YUKKKY! WELL YukkkY! The first time it didn't hurt...THIS time it DID! Scar tissue makes the skin thicker so yeah that's why...SAD! My skin and everything in that picture looks HORRID!

But that was 9seconds after it was re done.

Now it looks pweeety and stuffsss...


x Love Life x

Sunday, 24 May 2009


Right, I was minding my own business on FB as I do [dooby dooby do, shala la la bam ti dum] humming away to a song I was making up in my mind...WHENNNN!!!

Zezi comes online and decideds to share with me that she has COMMITTED her day to listening to Sean Paul - Punkie...ON REPEAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!

Is it contagious? OF COURSE IT IS...I forgot about this BANGER and I know you guys probably have, so I've decided to be a *star* and remind you of the hit...

Don't thank me, thank Zezi! LoL, enjoy.

Friday, 22 May 2009

It's what we do...

More fun *StarVentures* ...Me and a few of my mates set off to North Woolwich to view the Thames [like some tourists] to take pictures for a project and OBVIOUSLY do stuffsss...

It was a bit breezy outside so you can imagine how cold it was in the foot tunnel, underground, inside the Thames...

We still had fun and did more clowning around than focusing on the task at hand but never mind, it's what we do.

Ok, so has anybody actually been down in that foot tunnel? If the answer is YES! You know how many STAIRS there are inside the plaaace!

OBVIOUSLY left us thirsty which OBVIOUSLY gave us the opportunity to make things we took it, OBVIOUSLY!

As we waited for an addition to the possy...we decided to sit in Woolwich Town Centre under what looked like a lovely scenery with birds and ducks and sunshine and friendly NON hobo pedophiles...HOW WRONG WERE WE???

RIGHT! Minus MusTasHa'S BUSH...These 3anti wisemen smelled like the carslberg factory had exploded ALL OVER them 5miutes ago! The amount of teeth missing made up the amount of teeth they HAD! They approached, 'going in for the kill' ...I was FRIGHTENED! LoL...I laugh NOW but NOUGHT was funny @ the time...

'How old are you' the serial killer looking one on the far right said...I replied 'FOURTEEN' he THEN said, 'do you and your friends want to come home with us to have 'fun', drink and watch tv'



It was THEN time to leave...

We powerwalked!

Kay arrived and we were complete! So we could now go to the Thames Barrier Park and you stuffsss =)

We waited for the train and got BORED so found ways to entertain ourselves...

In the station, I anounced how CUTE and small my sis*star* Kays teeth are so she got in a strop and decided to sit away from us lot and try to look 'intellectual' [Keywords: TRY, LOOK]

Ermmm, COOL...Kay loves me so we made up and she played in the water fountain sprinkler thingys as soon as we arrived...

But we had SERIOUS stuffsss to do, so we put our thinking caps on, our game faces on, our serious bodysuits on and WORKED!

It didn't take as long as expected THUS leaving us with time we THOUGHT we could use to play around and have FUN! [Thames Barrier Park is BEAUTIFUL, visit it sometime.]

UNTIL approx 9minutes later at 20:00 we were FORCED out of the park after being informed that the park closed at 19:45...We were DEVASTATED that our fun had come to an abrupt end

^^^^^^^^^  BY THIS MAN  ^^^^^^^^^

As the night grew old, us BIG KIDS went on MORE journeys, visited a few friends, went out for dinner and most importantly...found a NEW place to have fun before we set off on our journeys home! All in all twas a FUN day full of FUN and stuffsss, what can I say, it's what we do...


Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nin.J Bakery

When I go out, I do stuffsss...I LOVE doing stuffsss...

On a lukewarm 'summer' evening me and MusTasH started a journey to bother our friend Bakery at work...Rung him up to find out where he was, once we knew...we decided to jump on the 25 and made it REAL sticky...

The 25 is an INTERESTING place, it's more than a bus it's like it's own island! Once you get on it until you get off your in another realm I'm SURE of it. The odour is FANTASTICALLY DISGUSTING, alongside the viewage...all in all whether your on there for ONE stop or the whole stretch...It's a RIDICULICIOUS journey.

Thankfully, we got to where we needed to without our nostrils falling off...Oh yeah and we got lost, how can I forget. But we got there anyway and had to wait 'til Bakery finished working first... =(

We got bored, but we found summink to do to help pass the time by =)


Bakery finished working, I got summink to eat, had FUN...then made our seperate journeys home! As I arrived at the train station I noticed I had an EXTRA phone in my pocket, no it wasn't heaven sent, TasH just forgot hers with me [an excuse to see me tomorrow ;) ...I didn't mind]

In the LATE evening it was REALLY cold, so I bent over to get my jacket out my bag and stumbled across what I found EVER so funny! I went into my 007 undercover mode to get a snapshot.

...LmaO...I'm sowwe, in the FLESH it looked EVER so funny! I THOUGHT I was being ever so sly in this my 007 undercover mode...Until I took the picture and the shutter tone AND flash went off! =\ ...YIKES! However...the lady didn't even notice my antics. =D

OLD friends NEW memories...

Me and TasH aka MusTasH aka Takashi Flash had some stuffsss to do during the day, and as the day went on we decided to meet up with our mate Willy, we hadn't seen him in a short while.

Will Kay is a COOL guy, he does stuffsss! =)

Me and TasH are BIG KIDS...We got stickers! YaaaY!

Ever since then, we've been making London REAL sticky! Catch 1/some in an area near YOU!

We walked to Wing Wah which was UNFORTUNATELY closed, so we made do with another Chinese shop, can't member what it was called but yeah...We went there.

Will ate, TasH was fascinated...

LoL...Ever since TasH got her iPhone, I swear she's changed into a FREAK! ShadeStar advice: Get a BlackBerry!

Well there was a RANDOM 'mini photoshoot' because of lighting and scenery ruining ONE potential picture...So loads of pictures came out of the simple idea. Then further colours and future plans were discussed...GOOD times, GREAT stuffsss...

Is that ALLOWED?

Early afternoon confusion, right my cousin comes back from college on his lunch break, had LUNCH...left to drive back to college and lo and behold...His got a present! NOT the happiest bunny in the playing field!!!

A TICKET!!! He parked literally outside my house as he always does and it was for like 30minutes IF that! I have never even SEEN a ticket warden person thingy on my road EVER! The worse thing is...

Is that legal? Is that a real reason? Are they REALLY asking for that price?

To be quite fair, that is NOT fair!

The government has OFFICIALLY gone crazy...I'm SURE that's not allowed! LoL...I SOOO wanted to laugh at the SILLINESS of it, but my cousin didn't find it funny, he's bigger than me, so ermmm...YEAH!

All in the name of RAVING!

On Saturday I had a LOVELY day, when it came to the night I was in one of those 'It's sad to end it like this' moods, so I found summink to do...RAVE!

There's is a NEW club which has opened up in my area called Guvnor Bar and on Saturday is a night called 40/40...How lovely the launch party was, but I just didn't find time to go back. This was the time I found to go back! =D

Ok, RIGHT, firstly I get at my mate, tell her I'm coming down so put the girlies on GuestList, then I find out it's an ALL WHITE PARTY! [ArgggH] spontaneity doesn't leave time for ALL WHITE attire...But I tried my best to follow [yeah right, I wore a white top]...

I get ready, and set out on my journey...BEARING IN MIND GUESTLIST CLOSES AT 11...I arrive at the station...

It's a short 3minute walk from my house so yeah, I get there and check the train times...

GREAT...Global PAR! What this tells me is TURN BACK AND GO HOME! By the time the train arrives and I step my left foot onto the train...guestlist is CLOSED!

But as my phone DOESN'T stop ringing I answer 'I'll be there in 2minutes' LIE! Because the train is coming in 8 and it takes a further 15 to arrive at the destination...But for some reason, I continue the journey.

OK, so the train decides to be LONG and come to a HAULT, one of those 'another train is experiencing problems in the tunnel ahead, sorry for the delay, we shall be moving shortly' kind of haults! Anywhooo...The journey is PROLONGED, but I eventually arrive at the designated station...

YeaaaaaaaaaH, guestlist closed 24minutes ago, but at this point I had come TOO far to turn back AND my girls were FUMING...I had to think of a plan and FAST! My sexy ladies were waiting for me at the station [with a STRANGE person who I shall speak no further about] and it was a QUIET walk to the destination, it's only 2minutes LITERALLY but it seemed like sooo much longer...YEAH! We arrive...

It was PACKED...Guestlist was CLOSED and the people at the door were ANGRY! So you all can guess what happened next...

BOOM BLAOW! A winning smile and a few words = FREE VIP action after Guestlist closure...Muhahahahaha!

We danced the night away, twas a GREAT night...catch me there THIS Saturday! But on time, LoL...

(8) ...A lot of dudes be thinking my poems are about them, this is not to get confused, this ones for you...

One man, no other can measure nor be compared, I'm your no.1 fan. You are the reason I am who I am, you are the reason alone is how I chose to stand. Though I don't blame you as there'd be no me without you.

A hug from you would set my soul on fire, a blaze killed by the tears you caused me to shed. Your bed is where I lie and smile so I remember the good days, although her bed is where you chose to lay. How I wish you stayed yet I'm glad your gone, I'm not confused, just struggle to differ what I need and want.

When times with us were bad, they were BAD, but that all got cancelled out when good times arrived. When YOU made me smile, all else was forgotten. I enjoyed the times we shared, I knew you cared all the times you were there, for ME when I felt no.1 else would be. You showed me another side to life, one without all the troubles and strife, but only happiness and joy, you made me feel complete.

I knew no other, you and only you. You were all I needed, until the day you walked away, without a goodbye without a word. You taught me what love was, but the emotion I then felt was indescribable, I knew not what it was. From then I swore 'love' will no longer live here. Anybody who showed feelings similar to ones you showed me, I smiled as I turned them negative. I didn't want people to love me, I didn't need people to love me, love from another wouldn't bring back the love from you, which I felt was all I needed.

What you once cherished is what you threw away, if love is eternal why did yours expire that day?

If what I thought was eternal love could hurt so bad, who am I to try and love somebody, I don't want to love incase I end up hurting them the way your hurting her. Too young minded, immature and naive, the way you raised me to be, leading me to believe, a care in the world is what I didn't have, as you'd ALWAYS be here, funny how always turned into never!

Arrogance is what became of me, but like you raised me, a care in the world is what I didn't have.

I've grown, not matured but grown, physically enough to know the difference between the and hate! I've never felt the latter and pray I never will. Whom I once love, hate can never be felt towards them, I don't hate you in the slightest, I just feel nothing.

I try to hold onto what I can of the times we shared, but as I grow, the memories fade...They say 'everything happens for a reason', but who are they? How do they know anything about the love we shared? Why do they make up all the rules?

I've accepted that you'll never come back, so I let go of the faded memories I hold on to, so my hands are free to grab onto a future for myself, and her, you did your part, it's our job to look after her now. No longer holding on, I don't need to. Your name is mine, until I find love and his becomes mine...But because of you I choose to not find love...So forever you and I will be together...

You will always be here, not physically, but behind Andrea is where you stand...Love from another man is no comparison, love from another just isn't the same.

Andrea Ushedo

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Ok, this ain't rocket science it's plain and simple.

1.Me and my mate set off to go Hertfordshire which usually takes roughly 50mins/1hr from my house driving.

2.My mate realised she left her tom tom at home which is a bit far from my house so we decided to set off without it.

3.We got LOST

4.For 2hours



We left at 3:37pm and arrived in Hertfordshire at 7pm...NOT the happiest bunnies in the field!

As we drove out of my road until we ARRIVED at Hertfordshire, ONE image was with us the whole way through...


Wednesday, 13 May 2009

SweetSpace Music

My mate Tazar 'Shadez' Sancho [ENTREPRENEUR] recorded a little preview of one of the singles on his EP. I [lucky you guys] have decided to share it with you.

 I present to YOUUU...Shadez the Fururistic Misfit - Stuck In Between...

Tell me what you think guys...

If you love what you see, find more on his myspace...Once again, click and DON'T forget the name Shadez

Has he been f****** every girl in the world?

Lil wayne [a previous lover of mine] has reportedly got another child on the way...

One of Americas sweethearts HOTTIE actress/model Lauren London is 4/5 months pregnant for SuperStar rapper Lil Wayne...Apparently they were just best friends but I guess that was a LIE or does sex come as part of the package?

It's NOW said that they are actually an item and are very serious SO I guess that's not a bad thing...They're both HOTTIES if I do say so myself so in 4months[ish] we'll be expecting Baby Carter. Some people say it's just rumours and they ARE only friends, I personally hope it's true, a baby is a beautiful thang, and this one will be for SURE! =)

On a more business note...

Lil Wayne is in London with Kid Cudi from July 6th at Hammersmith Apollo. It's going to be a Summer Madness...Tickets available from SeatWave.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I hope 'I'm not alone'

OK OK...I know I was meant to be in love with Wiz Khalifa - Ink my whole body which I still am, [but recently discovered I'm more in love with him than the tune =P] BUTTT...

I sincerely hope I'm not alone with this current addiction...The BEAT alone could have me in 'the zone' for DAYS...

This Friday Ima hit 'one of THOSE raves' that will without fail have this song on rotation.

Rihanna in Cassetteplaya

UK [East London =) ] Fashion Designer Carri Cassetteplayas talents stretch high and low, far and wide.

She's collaborated with Nike MANY times, she has her own edition of Nike Blazers which have been recently spotted on US Superstar Rihanna...

[probably the CLEANEST picture of her posted this week]

These trainers are the dogs bullocks and alla that stuffsss...

For MORE on her and her wonderful collections, click and don't forget the name CassettePlaya

Monday, 11 May 2009

His 'body's marked up like a wall in the 80's'

Someone I've recently fallen in like with is Wiz Khalifa...

I don't know how long he's been around for BUT he interests me!

My favourite tune from him is 'Ink My Whole Body' ...I LOVE this track and I intend to keep it on repeat until my iTunes starts jumping...HA!

Cyber Closet - Ai Fasshon

This is the part where I share with you fashion I LIKE/LOVE/ADORE/OBSESS OVER...TOMATO - TOMATOE...

Ai Fasshon means 'I love Fashion' in Japanese which I'm currently studying... 


This is from Yang Du's Buda and Pest collection...

Yang Du is an optimist fashion designer from China who attended Central St Martins in London...Her 'It's A Dream' collection has begun to cause havoc in Scotland and the UK [HOPEFULLY SOOOON WORLDWIDE]. She is an artist who recently turned fashion designer and we thank GOD she did...I believe her work is AMAZING.

Her work is hugely influenced by surrealism arts and theories...Ai Fasshon.