Sunday, 10 May 2009


YaaaY...My 1st ever blog post now isn't this exciting?

I'm in a happy mood BUT I REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY shouldn't be because we LOST!!!

Peers LAUGH and tell me to find a real team, yet I stay faithful. It's getting HARDER, but I remain faithful! LET US SPEAK NO FURTHER OF THIS.

I'm a people person...I have friends...
                                       This is PART of one...

I enjoy  

I LOVE doing stuffsss and HOPEFULLY blogging shall become one of them...

In MY opinion...May 1st 1999 marks the universal viewage [Oh yeah by the way I make up words] of a LEGEND...

I LOVE him...I think you should too                 


  1. verrryyyy aceeee and yesss arsenallll wat r they playing atttt we shall mourn and contemplate the future all luv and space hugs

    shadez xoxoxox

  2. Dare I say ive tried to love Spongebob for several years and have relentlessly failed.

    One day.....when Swine flu dies, I'll try harder