Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Has he been f****** every girl in the world?

Lil wayne [a previous lover of mine] has reportedly got another child on the way...

One of Americas sweethearts HOTTIE actress/model Lauren London is 4/5 months pregnant for SuperStar rapper Lil Wayne...Apparently they were just best friends but I guess that was a LIE or does sex come as part of the package?

It's NOW said that they are actually an item and are very serious SO I guess that's not a bad thing...They're both HOTTIES if I do say so myself so in 4months[ish] we'll be expecting Baby Carter. Some people say it's just rumours and they ARE only friends, I personally hope it's true, a baby is a beautiful thang, and this one will be for SURE! =)

On a more business note...

Lil Wayne is in London with Kid Cudi from July 6th at Hammersmith Apollo. It's going to be a Summer Madness...Tickets available from SeatWave.

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  1. Apparently Nivea is preggers AGAIN with his child!!! Double up on the baby shower? Rappers should start being cost effective! haha