Thursday, 21 May 2009

Is that ALLOWED?

Early afternoon confusion, right my cousin comes back from college on his lunch break, had LUNCH...left to drive back to college and lo and behold...His got a present! NOT the happiest bunny in the playing field!!!

A TICKET!!! He parked literally outside my house as he always does and it was for like 30minutes IF that! I have never even SEEN a ticket warden person thingy on my road EVER! The worse thing is...

Is that legal? Is that a real reason? Are they REALLY asking for that price?

To be quite fair, that is NOT fair!

The government has OFFICIALLY gone crazy...I'm SURE that's not allowed! LoL...I SOOO wanted to laugh at the SILLINESS of it, but my cousin didn't find it funny, he's bigger than me, so ermmm...YEAH!

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