Thursday, 21 May 2009

Nin.J Bakery

When I go out, I do stuffsss...I LOVE doing stuffsss...

On a lukewarm 'summer' evening me and MusTasH started a journey to bother our friend Bakery at work...Rung him up to find out where he was, once we knew...we decided to jump on the 25 and made it REAL sticky...

The 25 is an INTERESTING place, it's more than a bus it's like it's own island! Once you get on it until you get off your in another realm I'm SURE of it. The odour is FANTASTICALLY DISGUSTING, alongside the viewage...all in all whether your on there for ONE stop or the whole stretch...It's a RIDICULICIOUS journey.

Thankfully, we got to where we needed to without our nostrils falling off...Oh yeah and we got lost, how can I forget. But we got there anyway and had to wait 'til Bakery finished working first... =(

We got bored, but we found summink to do to help pass the time by =)


Bakery finished working, I got summink to eat, had FUN...then made our seperate journeys home! As I arrived at the train station I noticed I had an EXTRA phone in my pocket, no it wasn't heaven sent, TasH just forgot hers with me [an excuse to see me tomorrow ;) ...I didn't mind]

In the LATE evening it was REALLY cold, so I bent over to get my jacket out my bag and stumbled across what I found EVER so funny! I went into my 007 undercover mode to get a snapshot.

...LmaO...I'm sowwe, in the FLESH it looked EVER so funny! I THOUGHT I was being ever so sly in this my 007 undercover mode...Until I took the picture and the shutter tone AND flash went off! =\ ...YIKES! However...the lady didn't even notice my antics. =D

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