Thursday, 21 May 2009

OLD friends NEW memories...

Me and TasH aka MusTasH aka Takashi Flash had some stuffsss to do during the day, and as the day went on we decided to meet up with our mate Willy, we hadn't seen him in a short while.

Will Kay is a COOL guy, he does stuffsss! =)

Me and TasH are BIG KIDS...We got stickers! YaaaY!

Ever since then, we've been making London REAL sticky! Catch 1/some in an area near YOU!

We walked to Wing Wah which was UNFORTUNATELY closed, so we made do with another Chinese shop, can't member what it was called but yeah...We went there.

Will ate, TasH was fascinated...

LoL...Ever since TasH got her iPhone, I swear she's changed into a FREAK! ShadeStar advice: Get a BlackBerry!

Well there was a RANDOM 'mini photoshoot' because of lighting and scenery ruining ONE potential picture...So loads of pictures came out of the simple idea. Then further colours and future plans were discussed...GOOD times, GREAT stuffsss...

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