Monday, 11 May 2009


As this is only my second day blogging there's no known routine yet! BUT once a week or fortnight I shall have 'A Star in your eyes' post.

BRIEF EXPLANATION! London is where I reside, I will be informing OR extending your knowledge of a talent[s] from London or a surrounding county. What they've done, what they are doing and their future plans...Where to find them AND any other further information I may find relevant!

NOW...The first 'Star in your eyes' to bless this blog will be...


Gracious 'Napa Man' K

He is a young talented musician from East LDN whose latest track 'Migraine Skank' is sweeping the nation. He is still in the studio cooking up a storm so keep your eyes open for more from this dude...

IF for some strange reason you STILL don't know how to migraine skank...Here's the tutorial

He has a LOT left in store with plenty upcoming shows for example his Live PA at this years Luton Carnival, a fan page on FaceBook is available so add him and show support... 'Lance Gracious'

So there you have it...My FIRST 'A Star in your eyes' Vol.1 stay tuned to see next weeks choice. But for further information, bookings and Dubs for Djs or you personally...Click and don't forget the name... Gracious 'Napa Man' K

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