Tuesday, 16 June 2009

APPARENTLY I'm growing up!?!

I LOVE piercings and tattoos as I MUST have previously mentioned right? There is a supposed name for people who are addicted to piercings and tattoos BUT I cannot seem to remember what it is. Summinkmanic anyway. RIGHT, I don't consider myself to be one I just LOVE expressing myself and doing new things...ANYWAY, if you know what they're called, please lemme know as I would like to know out of interest!

Ok, the other day I woke up and as usual for the past 6 years of my life...Woke up with over 20 piercings on my body =/

Saying it NOW, it seems like a LOT! Looking at me you would NEVER think I had that many as some were hidden,[hehe] but I did.

Back to the story, I woke up with all my piercings and took out around a third of them...I had an audition and I wanted to look 'plain' and stuffsss so I removed 'em. 2days later I GOT THE PART [YaaaY me], and from then I guess I thought NOMORE piercings...DO NOT BE FOOLED. By that I mean, no more NEW piercings and I'm leaving out the ones I took out.

I still LOVE piercings, but for now, on other people...I've gone past the stage now of getting my own [sadly]...My face feels naked BUT for some reason I like it...


x Love Life [and piercings ands tattoos] x

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