Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Can't sleep...

I SWEAAAAAAAAAR I'm clairvoyant? No like SERIOUSLY, I proper AM!

If you don't think I am, who cares, your uncertain anyway, I KNOW I am.

I SENSED it last time and judging by the way things are strangely moving around in my room this morning...this is NOT sleep talking, this is NOT insanity, this is NOT De Ja Vu...This is Andrea Ushedo.

'I don't wanna be without you babe...I don't want a broken heart'...


Beyonce, I'm NOT a FAN FAN [I know, shock shock horror horror]. Well I'm NOT one of those haters or people who think she/Sasha Fierce is a DEMON! Personally I'm not bothered about her or her music enough to care. BUTTT...She is legendary YES and I like a few of her songs...From DC to now.

Beyonce - Broken Hearted Girl...I really like that song...I can personally relate to it aswell so I guess it helps me feel the track even more...YEAH...Moving on [before I break into an EMOTIONAL frenzy]...

Why are all her videos in black & white though? =/

...No WAIT...There were milli seconds of colour!

P.s ...She's beautiful...

Anyway...I'm feeling emotional/a lil lonely so Ima write some poetry this early morning...

'I don't wanna play the broken hearted girl' [hmph].

P.s x2 ...Too late.

x Love Life x

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