Monday, 15 June 2009

Graduates Week 2009

Last week was Graduates Week and many Universities were putting on shows for future/current students and the general public to come and view their Gradute BA 2009 students work. There were many to choose from AND I attended 3.

Central Saint Martins is a GREAT place, I've done a few short courses there and have been studying there over the summer doing a Fasion Folio course until I resume Uni in Sept/Oct. I LOVE it there...It's AMAZINGLY COOOL!

Well their fashion week was the BEST I attended in my opinion [so I shan't reveal the other two I went to...even though one of them is MY uni...heheha].

The range was BRILLIANT and everyone was just LOVELY...PLUS I smiled wider than average BECAUSE the sun was out so I got to show legs...Waheeey! =D

But right the show was FANTASTIC...I loved it...BUT sadly you weren't allowed cameras and stuffsss...basically NO PICTURES! [sniff sniff, sob] BUT...I love you guys mucho and I want you to enjoy what I enjoyed...I found one of the photographer dudettes on FB and she gimme her pics...YaaaY...She's GREAT and WELL cool...My new buddy, I LOVE her...[Kasia Photography].

On the night there was work from John Booth, Alexander Ruth, Tamaki Fujiye, Craig Lawrence, Mark Fast and loads more...

x Love Life x

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