Thursday, 25 June 2009

Not impressed!

I've got hayfever right. Today it was EXTREMELY BAD!!! I had to go book an emergency visit with the Gp and alla that for my tablets and eye drops. I look a HOT MESS [the hot is because of the weather, do NOT get it twisted].

I been out and about today, getting a few bits n bobs done RUNNING AROUND as this weekend Ima be MAD busy so yeah, I sorted out what I could during the day.

The weather was CHER - UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG today mate, I tell ya. But could I enjoy it properly? NO. I was in shades ALL DAY...Not because I'm cool or anything but to hide the poor world from my watery puffball eyes.

After the LONG day, my cousin treated [well what I thought was a treat] me out to dinner at some restaurant called CoCo Noodle Bar.

Now, either this HORRID Hayfever has got my tastebuds all messed up OR CoCo Noodle Bar is the CRAPPEST Chinese I've ever had.

I was NOT impressed.

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