Monday, 15 June 2009

'Til 'DEATH' do us part?

KmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmL [Kiss My Lips, my version of KMT, I don't physically KMT it's just an annoying thing to to and 'Babes I'm on this lipsin' ting' so I say KmL...PLUS it makes sense]. ANYWAY...IS LOVE A PAR/JOKE/FASHION TREND?

For goodness sake! Even the situations I personally know of where 'love' is involvded, it's just an UTTER joke to be quite FRANK, talk to him.

Usher and Tameka [insert surname here] are getting a divorce...I say 'already' although that is a blunder as it's ''TIL DEAAAAAAAAAAAATH DO US PART'...Already shouldn't come into the equation as shouldn't DIVORCE!

It's just sad, it really saddens me to know that true love MAY not be out there...It also saddens me as I slowly but SURELY come to a realisation that these feelings I have towards Andre 3000 and Scorcher may be nothing short of an OBSESSION/INFATUATION/DEEPER CRUSH!

ArgggH...EVERYDAY BiPolar love...GosssH!

I didn't care about Ushers marriage to be honest BUT I at least thought HE DID, Sheeesh!

x 'Love' Life x

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