Friday, 31 July 2009



I was aaaht and about for the majority of the day today, BRITISH weather didn't wanna be 1person, everyday just cold then hot then warm then PERFECT than spitting then cold then ayyy...JAM!

My BB is being SILLY so the pictures from my day can't get uploading right now, Ima sorl - out the problemo and blog my day later.

BUT ON ANOTHER NOTE...Funky house videos...What do you think about 'em?!?!?!?

My minds been in TWO DIFFERENT PLACES with this one, I thought NO do NOT do videos BUT I've seen a few good ones such as FR3E - Tribal Skank, Dotstar - Stick Up, Meleka - GO, there may be a few more but that's all I can think of at the moment, remind me!

Ermmm...YEAH! Videos can [for me] RUIN the song and turn my like into disgust.

This has [UNFORTUNATELY] happened with Egypts - In the morning.

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE that song, I seen her perform it, she's AWESOME!

I ain't watching the video AGAIN! My opinion, [shakes head] it's just garbage, I don't feel. It's NOT ridiculiciously terrible but we certainly could've done without it!

LoL @ Jazzie dohhh, he gives me the MOST amount.

x Love Life & No more funky house videos x

It's ALOT!

LIONESS!!! Ok, my girl Lioness has been abaaaaht for a HOT minute, she's not NEW too the scene at all. But she has been doing this Uni ting all year round SO now schools out for the 'summer' it's been NOUGHT but studio sessions for her!

Her set on Westwood was BIG, if you ain't seen that already you need yo YouTube dah.

She's come to get attention from your ears AGAIN on SB.TV [who by the way is a young man on a NEXT hype doing big fins]. I PERSONALLY, relationship aside reckon it's SICK!

LOOK OUT FOR LOCKNESS MONSTER her mix cd/tape coming SOON!

Click the link and support the cause.

x Love Life & Smile x

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

[insert title here]

The line between Love & Hate is THICKER than the one se[PAR]ating heterosexuality from homosexuality...

'Only For The Righteous'

The name says it all. This event is gaaan to be AWESOME! Come down and show support to aspiring UK talent. It's FREE and it's next week Tuesday 4th August at Graphic.

This was brought to you by 4Ballerinas with Machetes, they're FAB!

For any further info get @ me, email the address at the bottom of the flyer OR go to the events page on FaceBook. Click da dayumm thang! >>> Only For The Righteous <<<
Yours truly will be performing there [YaaaaaaaaaY!]. It'll be GREAT to see love and support, oh and did I mention that it's FREE.

Be there or be a triangular based pyramid.

I'll be reminding you AGAIN, just incase you forgot [which I hope you don't]. =D

x Love Life & Smile x

4/4 Cutaway

The other day I was randomly on Skype with my [Igbo] 'brother' Igbo[y] and I was telling him of plans I had made earlier in the season about buying an acoustic guitar and teaching myself the basics...

[As almost always] I never got round to doing it.

I asked myself 'WHY?' whilst loosing concentration in what Will was saying [sowwe]. LoooL.

I had no valid reason...I'm not THAT baiders, BUT man a man could afford it, ge'me?!?

I got a few mates that know how to play guitar n all so I thought, hey...I could try teach myself the basics and then get 'em to teach me ther rest/anything else I need to know.

I ain't tryna be in a rock band or nought like that but I think it'll be a good positive prop to add to my life and will be quite beneficial for me as I'm tryna take my 'poetry' to another level and do performances and stuffsss.


Incase you didn't know or haven't done so, I've made a group on FaceBook in which I have dedicated to all me 'poetry' and alla that...Writings from the past and present, I wanna upload videos of me doing my thing aswell so you can feel me on another level [no nympho].

'iWrite by Andrea Ushedo'

That's the name of the group, from time to time I do post stuffsss on 'ere BUT for all the latest news, performances, videoclips, entries and what have you...join the group on FaceBook and show love and support, Thaaanks!


YeaH, so where else would I look. EBAY. [The kids cheer].

I had in mind that I wanted either a PURPLE one or a Black one. Purple is my favourite colour incase you didn't know andddd Black is just neutral, everybody loves a bitter black. Sowwe, a bit of black. I mean, YEAH!

Ermmm...fell in LOVE with a black patent one, purchased it. right clicked and saved the picture on my desktop, every now and again [until it arrives [yeah right even when it arrives]] I shall double click on the picture and just GAZE at it for a while...I think it's beautiful.

I got a coupla coupla days to think of a name for it as it is set to arrive onnn MONDAY. So yeah. My Patent Black 4/4 Cutaway guitar shall be with me soon, my family and neighbours shall lose out on sleep from then. YaaaY! I'm well excited as you can probably tell.

I'm off to go look for summink to do, before boredom kicks in to this fine Wednesday afternoon.


x Love Life & Smile x


This song is ACTUALLY great, it's so fun, happy [in a way] and gleeful. I LOVE!

You know what, Ima support the UK and go HMV ad BUY the CD!

Tinchy Stryder vs Frankmusik - Confusion Girl

: (8) ...Confusion girl never gives or takes, tries to cover up all of her mistakes, wanting to be someone else, anything but herself. 'Cause you'll get the blame, you're part of her game, gets one up, it's such a shame, shame, shame, shame, SHAME...

When will I change and listen to a different song?!?!?!?!?

x Love Life & Smile x

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Why me?





Ok so basically, my webcam has stopped working. Ona RANDOM! It just decided...NOT to work.

I mean, it came installed in my Hp laptop [which btw I bought in November] so why would it be broken/not working!?!


My warranty is still on [for a year] SOOO I golla ring up Aych Pea 2mar [in a few hours] AND tell them what's happened and make 'em FIX IT QUICK MAN!

Once again...Not impressed!

I shoulda listened to @TakashiFlash when she told me to get a MacBook fram marnin'.

Major, Ima get one before summers out.

YaaaY! =D

But Booo! about my webcammy. =( *hehe* [Any fake upset].

Just KNOW my late night/early mornin' Skype conversations ain't been AS fun, still fun nonetheless.

Ima let you know what 'appened when I ring 'em up.

x Love Life & Smile x

Monday, 27 July 2009

I don't feel funky but I FEEEEEEEEEL!!!

I NEVER really got INTO the whole Funky House phase you know. I preferred Tribal and Soul House.

Meleka FINALLY recorded a video for her single 'Go'. SHE DONE WELL! [I don't care if the sentence is grammatically incorrect].

It was written by Castro from D - Fam [he is just doing EVERYTHING these days] and obviously produced by CrazyCousins.

Anyway, it's LIVE! I enjoy, hope you do too.

x Love Life & Smile x

Will Okobi






x Love Life & Smile x

...Open Happiness...










This song just makes me smileeeeeeeeeeeeee beyond measure.

Open up a smile on another face.

x Love Life & Smile x

Sunday, 26 July 2009

RE: Don't phone me

It's not better than the original I MUST confess but me likey, me likey mucho.

My current state is a TAD BIT IRRITATED and FRUSTRATED so I have nomore to say on this tune, it's doing ALOT though. I shall inform you of the cause of my mood later. LoL...

I'm stayin' up writing until The Nutty Professor comes on @ 5:30 in the AM.

x Love Life x

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Hey dudes n dudettes, I have FINALLY plucked up z courage to create a FB group for me poetry and stuffsss.

It's called 'iWrite by Andrea Ushedo'.

If you could search it and pweeez join to see regular updates via discussion topics and uploaded videoclips of me doing what I enjoy [not my music clips...*hehe*].

I dunno if I mentioned BUT I would LOOOOOOVE to do an Anthology, not now BUT in the v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.NEAR future...I may start writing towards it NOW but I have no dates or serious plans for it as of YET.

I would just love the support and HONEST feedback guys, it'll really help me.

Here is a piece I wrote last night called Sex? Once again...Enjoy!

He gives me that feeling, that comfortable zone, like when you’re in your room naked and nobody’s home. Your free spirit is shown, right as I kneel to pray before I go to bed I boo is ringing my phone. As I answer, his voice sends tingles down my spine; he has this affect on me all the time. ‘Should I come over?’ he asks as my mind yawns and my brain says no, my mouth says yes and my body gets ready to go, through another round of lust, it’s like his touch is a must. The lack of trust between us I won’t let get between us, I don’t fight, there’s no fuss, I keeps things right, between us. NOTHING gets between us, except my religion, it’s like that’s the reason I alter every decision. Feels like our relationship is a cycle of repetition, like, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, no base. 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base the look on your face, PRICELESS, same way I feel about my body, so sexual relations haven’t been something for me. I’m sorry, though I’m not ‘cause I’m horny?!? Why me, I love him and I want to prove that I do, but can’t help but wonder if this is the right move. I guess I’ll never know until I do the do, his kiss is so smooth. I’m sooo fallen for this dude. He has got me thinking of the active motion of body’s intertwined, bare skin rubbing smoothly against mine. The action that no longer requires feelings, just passion, desire and mutual agreeing. A kiss placed upon my soft brown lips, sends shivers from my neck right down to my toes. Your masculine palms wrapped around my breasts give me ideas with a sexual intent. Between kissing my body you whisper ‘I love you’, I’m stroking your back saying ‘there’s no one above you’. I bite on your lips as your hands lose control; I reach round for a pillow as something to hold. My tongue bar rolls down your neck and ends at your chest, your groping my body whilst positioning my legs. As my heart beat increases in pace, you’re holding me in just the right place, I sense ardour in your face, my body yearns more, 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base...4.

x Love Life x

Sunday, 19 July 2009

I wanna write an anthology SO BAD!

Them RANDOM mornings when your up at 04:33am and you write, you know them ones? LoooL, well that's my LIFE!

I don't wish I were deaf but I don't wanna hear, I don't wish I were blind but I don't wanna see. So I have a tongue to speak of all the evil that surrounds me. As light shines through my blinds my minds on a one way trip to insanity. I didn't plan it see, what I see is profanity. Us living as slaves to the world and...NA PAUSE!

See, my body is mine and I only get one, I've inked it down, there's still more to come. I love it and wanna make it look beautiful, I'd rather that than give him opportunity to misuse it all, it's unusual, for me to fall but I have and believe it's beautiful, like my body so I let him touch it, but I cherish it too much to let him F*** it. I OWN this 5'10 so I control every movement, though he caused hurt given the chance Ima do it again, who knows maybe we'll go all the way BUT 'til then...

Ima ink it down.

x Love Life x

* Jingle of the moment *

I haven't blogged in a HOT minute, no excuse I've just been lazy and the lethargic part of me has taken over every other part of my mind, body and soul. Sowweeeeeeeeeee!

This shall come to an END and I shall [hopefully] return properly NOW! =/

Ermmm yeah, song that's in my head and I can HONESTLY GENUINELY relate to right now is 'A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover'. It ALWAYS manages to speak to me on a emotional level, I love this song, thought I'd share it with ya. HENJOOOOOOOY! =D

x Love Life x

Sunday, 12 July 2009

* Jingle of the moment *

I'm not gaaan to say much as it speaks for itself but I FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL this track right now.

Giggs feat Mike Skinner, Henjoy!


Friday, 3 July 2009


I lay sideways, my tears loose direction and also begin to fall...sideways...As I weep over past days, hoping WISHING for better days, days that seem like only a phase. Conversating on Skype as memories float through me, owww we're so alike, we're no longer tight anymore, no love we just fight forevermore. They say pain is inevitable, they said if it don't kill you, well I'm getting weaker. My thoughts get deeper, I no longer wanna be here.

Her and she and them and he, what happened to me and you and us and we? I just want it to be happily, you and me, you and I us and NO ONE, with them involved it's NO fun. Just pain and more pain, rain and no gain, shame and more blame my love has been slane. We've BOTH made mistakes yet we focus on mine, I stay here in hope it'll get better in time.

You're pessimistic about what we have, you're negative to a point I don't understand. I did some things I weren't too proud of, said some things that I can't take back. You've hurt me in ways you can't undo, since it's you I get over it, don't hold onto grudges so now I'm so over it. I made excuses for the way you acted I pretended it never hurt when it REALLY did, we're NOT KIDS. We know right from wrong and wrong from right, ways you treated me were just NOT right, I put up a fight but I gave in, the line between it and hate never grew thin, I questioned whether you genuinely liked me from within, I still don't know as sometimes how you feel is not what you show you scarred me so I let US go, let's just be friends.

Then that message I sent was the lowest blow. I broke your trust but you destroyed mine, so maybe we WON'T get better with time, and maybe everything won't EVER be fine, but the least I do is try. I care for you enough to put that past aside, to live and let die, because to you, I don't wanna say goodbye, so like Kanye I'll just say Goodnight.

I wrote this in 6minutes FLAT. I wrote the words as I thought them, so kinda like a written freestyle. I was gaaan2 edit it and fix it up, change the ending as it doesn't end very well at ALL. But I thought naaah, leave it RAW and UNTOUCHED. I like summink about it like that...

x Love Life x

Thursday, 2 July 2009

* Jingle of the moment *

I ain't done one of these in a few days but I just recently heard this tune and I'm in LOVE with it right now...Especially in this weather...They work hand in hand baby.

As you may or may not know by now Pleasure P is no longer part of Pretty Ricky, he has been replaced by some heterosexual singer named 'LINGERIE' contradiction? I think so...

Well personally I thought Pleasure was gonna JAM, call it a day and just get snapped up by pap a few times looking fat, hairy and dirty. How wrong was I...

Enjoy it with me people...It's MY Jingle of the Moment.

P.s...Oral Sex...IS THAT ALL THEY KNOOOOOOOOOW? LoL. Not complaining, just wondering. =P

x Love Life x

It's not the best, who lied?

Aaaaaaaaaaah Kanyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee directed Drakes - Best I ever had video...Hmmm.

I think it's meant to be comical, I personally found it funny anyhow. LoL, if it ain't whoops =/.

Everyone reckons it's CRAP...I don't think so. It's not magnificent, I like it. [thumbs up].

I'm confused, everyone liked the Paranoid video BUT I reckon Best I ever had is 3stops away from CRAP...Paranoid is 3stops AFTER.

x Love Life x