Wednesday, 29 July 2009

4/4 Cutaway

The other day I was randomly on Skype with my [Igbo] 'brother' Igbo[y] and I was telling him of plans I had made earlier in the season about buying an acoustic guitar and teaching myself the basics...

[As almost always] I never got round to doing it.

I asked myself 'WHY?' whilst loosing concentration in what Will was saying [sowwe]. LoooL.

I had no valid reason...I'm not THAT baiders, BUT man a man could afford it, ge'me?!?

I got a few mates that know how to play guitar n all so I thought, hey...I could try teach myself the basics and then get 'em to teach me ther rest/anything else I need to know.

I ain't tryna be in a rock band or nought like that but I think it'll be a good positive prop to add to my life and will be quite beneficial for me as I'm tryna take my 'poetry' to another level and do performances and stuffsss.


Incase you didn't know or haven't done so, I've made a group on FaceBook in which I have dedicated to all me 'poetry' and alla that...Writings from the past and present, I wanna upload videos of me doing my thing aswell so you can feel me on another level [no nympho].

'iWrite by Andrea Ushedo'

That's the name of the group, from time to time I do post stuffsss on 'ere BUT for all the latest news, performances, videoclips, entries and what have you...join the group on FaceBook and show love and support, Thaaanks!


YeaH, so where else would I look. EBAY. [The kids cheer].

I had in mind that I wanted either a PURPLE one or a Black one. Purple is my favourite colour incase you didn't know andddd Black is just neutral, everybody loves a bitter black. Sowwe, a bit of black. I mean, YEAH!

Ermmm...fell in LOVE with a black patent one, purchased it. right clicked and saved the picture on my desktop, every now and again [until it arrives [yeah right even when it arrives]] I shall double click on the picture and just GAZE at it for a while...I think it's beautiful.

I got a coupla coupla days to think of a name for it as it is set to arrive onnn MONDAY. So yeah. My Patent Black 4/4 Cutaway guitar shall be with me soon, my family and neighbours shall lose out on sleep from then. YaaaY! I'm well excited as you can probably tell.

I'm off to go look for summink to do, before boredom kicks in to this fine Wednesday afternoon.


x Love Life & Smile x

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