Friday, 31 July 2009



I was aaaht and about for the majority of the day today, BRITISH weather didn't wanna be 1person, everyday just cold then hot then warm then PERFECT than spitting then cold then ayyy...JAM!

My BB is being SILLY so the pictures from my day can't get uploading right now, Ima sorl - out the problemo and blog my day later.

BUT ON ANOTHER NOTE...Funky house videos...What do you think about 'em?!?!?!?

My minds been in TWO DIFFERENT PLACES with this one, I thought NO do NOT do videos BUT I've seen a few good ones such as FR3E - Tribal Skank, Dotstar - Stick Up, Meleka - GO, there may be a few more but that's all I can think of at the moment, remind me!

Ermmm...YEAH! Videos can [for me] RUIN the song and turn my like into disgust.

This has [UNFORTUNATELY] happened with Egypts - In the morning.

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE that song, I seen her perform it, she's AWESOME!

I ain't watching the video AGAIN! My opinion, [shakes head] it's just garbage, I don't feel. It's NOT ridiculiciously terrible but we certainly could've done without it!

LoL @ Jazzie dohhh, he gives me the MOST amount.

x Love Life & No more funky house videos x

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