Thursday, 2 July 2009

* Jingle of the moment *

I ain't done one of these in a few days but I just recently heard this tune and I'm in LOVE with it right now...Especially in this weather...They work hand in hand baby.

As you may or may not know by now Pleasure P is no longer part of Pretty Ricky, he has been replaced by some heterosexual singer named 'LINGERIE' contradiction? I think so...

Well personally I thought Pleasure was gonna JAM, call it a day and just get snapped up by pap a few times looking fat, hairy and dirty. How wrong was I...

Enjoy it with me people...It's MY Jingle of the Moment.

P.s...Oral Sex...IS THAT ALL THEY KNOOOOOOOOOW? LoL. Not complaining, just wondering. =P

x Love Life x

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