Friday, 3 July 2009


I lay sideways, my tears loose direction and also begin to fall...sideways...As I weep over past days, hoping WISHING for better days, days that seem like only a phase. Conversating on Skype as memories float through me, owww we're so alike, we're no longer tight anymore, no love we just fight forevermore. They say pain is inevitable, they said if it don't kill you, well I'm getting weaker. My thoughts get deeper, I no longer wanna be here.

Her and she and them and he, what happened to me and you and us and we? I just want it to be happily, you and me, you and I us and NO ONE, with them involved it's NO fun. Just pain and more pain, rain and no gain, shame and more blame my love has been slane. We've BOTH made mistakes yet we focus on mine, I stay here in hope it'll get better in time.

You're pessimistic about what we have, you're negative to a point I don't understand. I did some things I weren't too proud of, said some things that I can't take back. You've hurt me in ways you can't undo, since it's you I get over it, don't hold onto grudges so now I'm so over it. I made excuses for the way you acted I pretended it never hurt when it REALLY did, we're NOT KIDS. We know right from wrong and wrong from right, ways you treated me were just NOT right, I put up a fight but I gave in, the line between it and hate never grew thin, I questioned whether you genuinely liked me from within, I still don't know as sometimes how you feel is not what you show you scarred me so I let US go, let's just be friends.

Then that message I sent was the lowest blow. I broke your trust but you destroyed mine, so maybe we WON'T get better with time, and maybe everything won't EVER be fine, but the least I do is try. I care for you enough to put that past aside, to live and let die, because to you, I don't wanna say goodbye, so like Kanye I'll just say Goodnight.

I wrote this in 6minutes FLAT. I wrote the words as I thought them, so kinda like a written freestyle. I was gaaan2 edit it and fix it up, change the ending as it doesn't end very well at ALL. But I thought naaah, leave it RAW and UNTOUCHED. I like summink about it like that...

x Love Life x

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  1. I don't even know how I find your blog BUT this here poem made me cry.

    You're talented mate. Keep doing your stuff.