Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Why me?





Ok so basically, my webcam has stopped working. Ona RANDOM! It just decided...NOT to work.

I mean, it came installed in my Hp laptop [which btw I bought in November] so why would it be broken/not working!?!


My warranty is still on [for a year] SOOO I golla ring up Aych Pea 2mar [in a few hours] AND tell them what's happened and make 'em FIX IT QUICK MAN!

Once again...Not impressed!

I shoulda listened to @TakashiFlash when she told me to get a MacBook fram marnin'.

Major, Ima get one before summers out.

YaaaY! =D

But Booo! about my webcammy. =( *hehe* [Any fake upset].

Just KNOW my late night/early mornin' Skype conversations ain't been AS fun, still fun nonetheless.

Ima let you know what 'appened when I ring 'em up.

x Love Life & Smile x

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