Monday, 31 August 2009

(8) ...I know that it's comin' I just hope that I'm alive for it...

I'm not really interested in this version and the video we coulda lived without, it's arrrrrr - right! Trey is summink like BEAUTIFUL dohhh, so his visual saved the video...


Drake featuring Trey Songz - Successful [NEXT REMIXED VIDEO VERSION].

Tis all.

x Love Life & Smile x

Saturday, 29 August 2009



Good fun with GOOD people...

I had most of me BESTIES around me and we got on a journey to Kings Cross for the ChockaBlock pre carnival party. It was GREAT.

We got there and the que was LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!! But obviously we thought ahead of time and put our names on the que jump list so when we got there, we strolled through to the front like *stars* and got in within 5minutes. hehe.

AS SOOOOON as we got in the Dubstep was sending my heartbeat on a CRAZY pulse race, STRAIGHT to the bar, 'Original Magners please'.

I'd had a little bit to drink beforehand so it wasn't too long 'til I was drunk, skanking my life away, kissin' n huggin' and meeting people, having fun and being DRUNK! AH HA!

I'm sure I'm in a few UNDISCOVERED photo's that make themselves known like, a week or so AFTER the shindig, I await surprises.

Anyhow, TEMPZ RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPED. So did FLIRTA D. So did EVERY Dj in every room, aaah ChockaBlock ALWAYS has the nicest vibes.

Until next time Jp. Love ya.

The journey home was FRIKKIN' crazy, to write about it is the job of a non lazy person...


Yeah, I smoked like 10+ cigarettes that night, WHY or WHERE they were comin' from is actually BEYOND me.

x Love Life and appreciate Good Times with GOOD people & Smile x

P.s...If you're lookin' at someone and they are lookin' at you, can that be classified as an ice breaker/hello? If not, NEW RULES need to come into play [no NWO].

Thursday, 27 August 2009


I'm ADDICTED to Ben & Jerry's. I LOVE 'em LOVE 'em LOVE 'emmmmmm.

I REALLY never understood why people would pick Har-gin Darz [Häagen-Dazs] over Ben & Jerry's, it makes no sense, we all know which one has more variety and BETTER taste.

Here is my Top5 favourite Ben & Jerry's flavours.


2. Baked Alaska.

3. Cookie Dough.

4. Half Baked.

5. Chunky Monkey.

Now after much drooling and saddendedidness due to realising I actually have NONE of those in my freezer, I bring you to this NEW discovery...


I initially typed 'this NEW discovery that I found'. Isn't a discovery summink you found? WoW.


IF YOU KNOOOOOOOOOOW MEEEEEEEEEEEEE, YOU KNOW I LOVE SORBET, BE IT MANGO, PINEAPPLE, GUAVA, LYCHEE, STRAWBERRY, RASPBERRY, HAUPIALANI...Aaay I've tasted a LOT of Sorbet Flavours, I've probably had more. But yeah...For Ben & Jerry's to make a CHUNKY Pineapple sorbet with passionfruit swirls is A LOT!

I just wanted to put you on notice!

I'm gaaan to ASDA to buy this and reload on Phish Food, Ima SCOFF it down and let you know how FANTASTICALLY AMAZINGLY RIDICULICIOUSLY TASTY it is.

P.s...BEN & JERRY'S.


x Love Life [AND OBVIOUSLY BEN & JERRY'S] & Smile x

[It really is a] GOOD MORNIN'

Good Morning folks, I'm feeling so [inhales long soak of air] lively and happy from inside. I can tell it's gaaan to be a wonderful day. I love mornings like this. I hope you slept well, I did.

This is only a quick post [as I sit here in my trainers quarter length harem pants and T ready to leave out for surprising productivity] just to hopefully make you feel how I do.

I love this song and unfortunate to say, I am NOT a strong Christian BUT I feel Gospel music is wonderful and I genuinely think if I continue to listen to it especially in the mornin' I can become a better person from within. Religion is a beautiful thing, I need to get closer to God.

HappY Ramadan for my Islamic peers, strength be with you in your days of fasting.

Forget the negativity of yesterday and build towards the positivity of tomorrow.

I'll be back later. Take care and have a happy and productive day. Love.

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s (8) ...In the splender of your majesty, from deep within my spirit sings 'HOLY, HOLY'.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Now, if you've got FaceBook you are BOUND to have seen this clip! I myself saw it last week LAUGHED and totally forgot about it. Now EVERYBODY is posting even REPosting, I REALISED it was waaay funnier than I originally thought it was so I had to share it with you guys incase you hadn't seen it.

'No no, no don't TOUCH ME, is that the same finger you been poking her with all day'.



'You LoL'in all up on her comments, she THAT funny now'.

Aaaah, I got teary eyed AGAIN!

The thing is that it's ACTUALLY true though, the storylines are WELL realistic.

Americans are TOOO funny!

Don't pay TOO much attention to what people doin' on FaceBook it's not real life, it REALLY IS JUST A WEBSITE.

I LOVE FaceBook, I could spend the whole DAY on there and not realise, so? SO?!?

'I'm not addicted, I'm commited'

x Love Life AND FACEBOOK & Smile x

Tuesday, 25 August 2009



Aaaaaaaaay, do you live in London?

(8) ...Are you really REALLY from the ends?


Why am I so excitingly PROUD to be a Londoner this fine evening you ask...






LoooL. Na SERIOUSLY...It was LIVE. Then again I'm easily pleased, NAAA scratch that...IT WAS LIVE! 'Suttin like e-moooooooosh'.

I knewwwwwwwwww there was gaaan2 be a MARD-NESS towards/at the end, I could FEEEEL the build up in my bones!


If you are reading this and in actual fact have NOT watched Tuesday 25th August 2009's episode of EastEnders, REDIRECT YOURSELF TO BBCi Player NOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!



Phil got what he had coming...



I LOVE EASTENDERS! I dunno why I ever left you. Oh wait yes I do, because you killed off Danielle on an unnesecary one. But I'm baaack baaaaybaaaay!


x Love Life, EastEnders & Smile x


...I dunnooo, I've never really been a fan of Cassie, but she did some modelling for a label called 'Dimepiece Designs'...I like the pictures MUCHO!

I'm WELL impressed, I love everything about this photoshoot and that fact that it's in black and white adds more edge to it.

x Love Life & Smile x

The F.U.N issue

: (8) ...Oooooooooh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

RIGHT, my guy Will told me summink about i-D magazine doing summink in dedication to SpongeBob so obviously I was intrigued from THEN. I was like 'so what is it exactly' and he responded 'Dre, I dunno...summink about SpongeBob and the logo'.


GREAT, so basically I did a bit of easy reasearch and stumbled across the masterpieces.






Lily Allen is my GIRL aswell so the contrast was the ishnit!


It's SpongeBob SquarePants 10th Anniversary but I didn't know it'll be acknowledged THIS much, aaay...he's the MAN!

This issue is called the F..U.N issue because 'F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere and anytime all down here in the deep blue'.

This issue was partly designed by a favourite of mine, Tokyo BlackStar. I don't really care what's gaaan2 be inside, iKid. i-D mag is ALWAYS a good read, I ordered mine online [FOR £9 MAY I ADD] and I can't wait for it to be delivered, grap your copy NOW and get involved in the festivities celebrating SpongeBobs 10th Anniversary.

P.s...lemme leave you with this are jizzworthy song...What a banger...


x Love Life [& SpongeBob SquarePants] & Smile x

Sunday, 23 August 2009




x Love Life & Smile x

Thursday, 20 August 2009


This is my JAM right here, we shall speak no further, enjoy the song and z video.

x Love Life & Smile x

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

'Bitter Sweet'


I love Kanye Wests 'Bitter Sweet' it kinda reminds me of myself A LOT on an emotional level. I'm a person who is WELL in touch with her emotions SO? I don't hide 'em or bottle 'em up because that's GARBAGE. Deal with it as it comes, so I have no random explosions of nonsense. I'm mainly happy, I love and enjoy being happy. BLUD, call me 'happy happy, joy joy'.

You care about it more than I do...why? LoL.

Ok. I did a cover/remix fingy majig of 'Bitter Sweet' 'cause I can relate NUFF and, I wanted to.




I have written HALF of my version of 'Bitter Sweet' [DON'T ask nor wonder why I write 'Bitter Sweet' in inverted commas because I dunno the answer and then we'll both me here, stuck, tryna figure out the un-figurable] and I am liking my version, so far so GOOD.

I ma share it with you...See if you like it and Ima finish it off TODAY.

THEN, Ima put my Sony HDD handycam my mummy bought me to some use and record myself 'performing' the dis tin and post it up on here and my group page on FB [which is iWrite by Andrea Ushedo].

Am I blabbing?

Ayt safe, sowwe.

Bitter sweet, you're gonna be the death of me, I don't want you but I need you, I love you and hate you at the very same time.

This is the closest thing I’ve had to a perfect start. I knew me and you would be cool from the very start. Until all the accusations then began to start. Now I feel an argument coming ‘don’t start’. So why I feel so weak whenever we apart? I wanna hold you close, I wanna push you far. You hold us together yet you’re why we fall apart. You never asked, just came through and stole my heart. I didn’t mind you swore you’d never leave, hand on heart. That’s why I couldn’t breathe when you chose to depart. You pierced the soul of me with cupids dart, getting over you, was the hard part. But you returned begging for our love to restart.
I told all my girls how I miss you, but we together now I no longer miss you, you sitting close to me, I lean over and kiss you. But in my head trust is becoming an issue. Awake late nights all I think of is you, awake crying with a box full of tissue. I see messages from Jessica, Beverley, Genevieve, Toni with an I, Sarah and Crystal, then I promised never to devote all my time to one dude. So the games you play, that’s what I play now. Where we just break the rules, the game is so foul, now you not the only one, I met Paul from downtown and when my man ain’t home, he goes downtown. My man found out, I don’t know how, but he’s crushed into pieces just like I was now, saying ‘baby all I wanna do is to settle down’, now he’s singing them melodies, I once sang, kinda like...

Bitter sweet, you're gonna be the death of me, I don't want you but I need you, I love you and hate you at the very same time.

x Love Life [and Poetry] & Smile x

Aaay, I'm feeelin' daaah!

Ima random guy, I like random things, this post is random. Random is a nice word.


They did 'Heartless' justice, I WELL like this version.

ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?

Jessieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, na she is 'so sick I think she'll die soon' Wretch 32...1

Naaa, her voice is AMAZING. I love it Mucho!

This is a clip of hers I ADORE, her singing the BANGER 'Mamma knows best' the song, this cover and the original are EEE-MOE-SHAR-NARL!

Ho Hoooo, Losooo.

Right, this is my ANTHEM! FA.BO.LO.US came back and did a MARRRD TING with 'Losos Way' it's ALOT. Ermmm...'When the money goes' video ft Jay-Z. I feeeel.

'Money comes, money goes, so we need to blow it like a runny nose'. Sheeeeeez-ussssss!

WHAT! I am fudgin' ADDICTED to Hygiene hand wash. EVERYTHING about it is what I love. LoL, the cool breeze it gives you through your fingers, aaay, it's WELL soothing, relaxing and alla daaah good stuffsss.

I wanna show you a picture of my JUMBO size pump that my Gp generously gave to me FREE OF CHARGE. But my webcam is acting up so I got in a mood and din't wanna take a pic on my phone because, I just din't want to. RIGHT. You know what it looks like though right? If you don't then go find out yourself...


COINCIDENTLY I've actually got this EXACT one, same size an errrting! I love it. I doubt it'll last though, I use it on a regular basis, for NO reason n all.

Ermmm, it's meant for professional use only, such as hospitals n dem places dere but...Minor, I'm still killin' bacteria hinni'?

Year - heeere! I was on Kanye's blog and he reminded me about one of my favourite girls V Magazine spread...GAAAA GAAAA!

She's TOO hot man, hermaphrodite or NO hermaphrodite, she's KILLIN' 'em.

I know someone who suffers from 'Compulsive Liarbetese' 'tis all.

x Love Life & Smile x

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


This made me put my Marvell FM 2 on deeeeeper PAUSE!

JME - Over me

I feeel, I'm not gonna EXAGG. But I feeeeeeeeel.

x Love Life & Smile x

Sunday, 16 August 2009

FLY effortlessly

I personally reckon it's their first nature. LOVE it & them.


I'm tipsy.

Ermmm, yeah.




ArgH, it's ACTUALLY a madness, I've got the BIGGEST crush on him it's just RIDICULICIOUS. YummmY x9.

What you been doing?


Oh yeah, this is now my alarm tone, so I can wake up to my booo and a smile on my face. ;)

I love this song, it LITERALLY reminds me of myself and my school times and my life.

I feeeeeeeeel like NO other.

P.s...I came out the bath and created this BEAUTIFUL masterpiece. =D

The right eye got a bit swollen but, blah!

x Love Life & Smile x

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


RIGHT! I got SO much to do with SO little energy, it's CRAZY!

I was on the Skype phone to my dawwwgs 'til like 8am this mornin'. MAD!

I woke up at 2pm, STUPID.

I got a bag of things to do but can I be bothered dohhh? NO.

Anyhow...It looks like a LOVELY day so Ima jump in the shower NOW, start my day at 4pm [SAD] and keep it gaaan.

As I do that what mate reminds me of a song I used2 listen to when I first broke up with my ex. [sigh].

The Dream - I can't wait to hate you

LoL. I can laugh over it now, time heals wounds and alla that stuffsss, at the time NOUGHT was funny, I tell you that. LoL. [April 1st, April FOOLS day, the irony will never wither].

RIGHT. Gaaan to do the stuffsss I need to do now.


TAYO 'SCORCHER' JARRETT IS THE EPITOME OF BEAUTY! One day I will pluck up the courage to tell him that, until then, I'll continue to say it behind his back.

(8) ...If this isn't love, TELL ME WHAT IT ISSSSSSSSSSSSS???!!!???

P.s x2

THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!! YaaaaaaaaaY. I've come far mayne. LoL.


x Love Life & Smile x

P.s x3 ^^^ HONESTLY guys, do that, I know I do, it makes everything beautiful.


I love her.

Front cover of this issues BillBoard magazine, I don't even wanna talk about it, as I don't read the mag BUT I just wanna prove that Lady GaGa is GREAT, AWESOME, AMAZING and a packet of Oreos.

'tis all.

x Love Life [Lady GaGa] & Smile x

The love of my life.

I've officially had her for a week now, she has been NAMELESS all this while, I even contemplated calling her 'Oi'.


She's B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L ain't she? <<< rhetorical question as we ALL know that she is. =D








and her name is...








I love her, I been taking lessons and stuffsss...I still reckon I need a guitar tuner as some notes sound OFF [or am I in denial?]. Eitherway, she's AWESOME.

x Love Life x

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


Hey guys, as you know already, if you don't you will at the end of this.

I write.

I've got a group on FaceBook called 'iWrite by Andrea Ushedo'

It's a group for me to broadcast my latest poetry and videoclips, showing you what I love to do and regular updates of any shows I may be performing at.

Click the link, join the group, let me know what you think by either writing on the group wall or commenting on the piece[s].

Don't forget, show love & support.

Thanks guys.

x Love Life & Smile x

Have you got good hair?





I LOVE Chris Rock [I know you're thinking 'RaaaH she loves everyone' NO, I don't trust me].

But yeah, I see this trailer and thought I'd share it with you guys.

Ima DEFO be watching this...

If I see anythang more on it, Ima defo keep you posted.


x Love Life & Smile x


I just bought the La Roux self titled album off iTunes yeah...




Alla daaah. I LOVE it already mayne they are UBER cool!

I recommend it, 'tis all.

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s...I ain't recorded a video in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages...hehe! You know what that means?!?

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The ghost of FaceBook present.

Obviously I've covered up my FB buddies names for privacy reasons, but there is ONE name I didn't cover, it just DIDN'T appear!

I couldn't click on the picture because there wasn't one. I couldn't click on the name, BECAUSE THERE WASN'T ONE!

Then I f5'd the page and it was gone...

x Love Life & Smile x


I'm addicted to tattoos. FACT!

My inspiration and somebody I LOVE in that field of work is the amazingly talented beautiful Kat Von D. I LOVE HER to bits and pieces. [Pixy too of course].

But yesh, Ermmm, my sis*star* Nessquik showed me a picture of her recently ANDDDD she has gone blonde and lost loads and loads and LOADS of weight! =/


I kinda dunno what happened to her, I STILL love her to BITS but I prefer the jet black meaty Kat, she's still a beauty though.

I wish I was brave enough to get tattoos on my arms, like FULL sleeves and stuffsss [brave you say in an unsure voice says the girl with tattoos on her fingers, YES BRAVE]. I'm not that brave, LoL.

I wanna get more so many Ideas. YaaaY.

Wear ink not mink.

x Love Life & Smile x

* Jingle of the moment *

I haven't done this in a little while. I sometimes tend to just post songs that I like or currently enjoy BUT they are not jingle's for the moment. LoL, I just want you to hear them because I like them!

But this song is by my GIRLLL, I am a tad disappointed that today is the first time I am hearing this song.

My big bro has already said 'how many times you gonna listen to this song man'.


Then he kmt'd and slammed my door. =)

But yesh, this song, ONCE AGAIN as per usual, I can relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!!! I get proper personal to you at times dun I? COR!

Nev mind, you'll understand me more this way so, be happy beby!

Jazmine Sullivan - A life without Love/If this is love

I'm OVERLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY loving this song to a NEXT LEVEL. WoW! Music may shift up the scale from being my 5th love...just MAYBE!

(8) ...Can't stop smiling and I feel like crying, left the heartache and we're all looking for something. Tears flow with no end but then he makes me smile again, my joy, my pain, but I wouldn't trade it for nothing...

x Lofe Life & Smile x

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down...

...that's what THEY said apparently, who THEY are is beyond me.

I'm in a bit of a pickle! I'm confused, frustrated and slightly LOST.

Sometimes I lay back on my Mummys bed with my laptop balancing on my knees [as I'm doing now] and just THINK...I tend to think LOADS! [as I'm doing now].

The outcome is ALWAYS different, thinking too much is not a bad thing and neither is talking to yourself as far as I'm concerned, I like to do both.

[DARN, I just membered I missed EastEnders so I golla watch it on iPlayer in a minute].

Right, ermmm, I been thinking and I am gaaan to write about ALL the thoughts that are in my head, I ain't even really gaaan2 try and make it too poetical or make it rhyme as much, just random thoughts down onto paper.

This is SUCH a ramble, my guitar got delivered yesterday morning, I was/am WELL excited and happy about that, I'll get a picture of her soon, my BlackBerry is acting up, it don't wanna connect to me lappy! But yar, she still ain't got a name, I put that in my status on my beloved FB and the results I got were TERRIBLE! I shan't repeat. So basically she is nameless.

Ima go write now, I'll let you know how it goes when I'm done!

HOPEFULLY, I might have some video footage for ya. ;)

x Love Life x

Alotta Fings

1. I like the Acoustic version better of Tinchy Stryders tune with that Sugarbabes lady.

2. I can't sleep right now.

3. I'm watching MTV Base.

4. I'm excited.

5. I wish we could 'get back to the way things were'.

6. Humans tend to annoy me.

7. No I'm not on my period.

8. I love my family.

9. I enjoy blogging. =)

10. I'm not even bored.

11. I saw a dead pigeon today.

12. R.I.P Carl 'Charmz' Beatson.

13. Twitter has SLYLY grown on me, but like a spot, it's there, we've acknowledged it, when it goes it shan't be missed.

14. Hmmm...

15. I enjoy FB loads. hehe.

16. My Skype message alert tone just went off and it makes me giggle.

17. I'm emotionally unstable/confused.

18. Kanye West & Mr Hudson - Supernova.

19. McChicken Sandwich, fries and Tropicana.

20. Toenail polish chipping.

21. Kevin Akpobi.

22. [sigh].

23. =D

24. hehe.

25. I miss my Mummy already.

26. I'm worried about October onwards.

27. I didn't mean to, I promise.

28. Do you trust me?

29. Do you even like me?

30. When should I stop?

31. Are you even gaaan to respond?

32. Fashion.

33. People don't change, you just didn't know them as well as you thought you did.

34. Floetry.

35. Open Happiness.

36. Sacha Stroude.

37. Perinaise.

38. Hi, my name is Andrea Ushedo.

39. Super Super Magazine.

40. Should I stop?

41. New York.

42. GaaaH!

43. I wish I could rewind time sometimes BUT I regret nothing.

44. I read his blog all the time.

45. ...and his twitter.

46. Blah!

47. Andre 3000.


49. I wish.

50. Donnell Jones - All her [HIS] love.

51. I got a lot on my mind.

52. I might write some 'poetry'.

53. I wanna kiss him [blush].

54. Bye.

x Love Life x

Sunday, 2 August 2009


One of the most highly UNDERRATED artsist in the UK.

He has SO many bangers...His voice is AMAZINGLY soothing. I just love him.

I've decided to dedicate a post to him, from the get go to his most current, my FAVOURITE songs from the wonderful James Morrison.

'You give me something'

'Pieces don't fit anymore' [ALL TIME PERSONAL FAVOURITE]


'One last chance'

'You make it real'

'Nothing ever hurt like you' [ANOTHER ALL TIME PERSONAL FAVOURITE]

'Broken strings' [EMOTIONAL] [sigh]


I LOVE him and his music, he is SO underrated though, but I will personally support him forever and ever. >.< ...LoL, I actually bought the 'Undiscovered' album from HMV and bought the 'Songs for you, Truths for me' album from the iStore.


x Love Life [JAMES MORRISON] & Smile x

Gongo aso kutupu ahu



I wanna be SADDENED for a little while, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?!?

For goodness sake, Gordon Bennett! WHY wuold you do it to us???

EVERYBODY knows 9ice - Gongo Aso right?!? If you don't, don't ever talk to me in your whole existence!

Right anyhow...YeaH that song was released OVER a year ago now but 'til THIS DATE it has exactly the same affect on me as it did when I heard it for the very FIRST time.

It's too much of a banger, the beat, the lyrics [even though some are in Yoruba and I don't understand some of it] all in all it's just TOO MUSH MAYNE!





ONLY FOR HIM TO GO AND ALLOW A KER - AP VIDEO TO BE MADE FOR IT. Firstly the song is over a year old now, you have become a superstar because of it, had worldwide shows because of it. FI LE AH! Leave the song alone. NO! He went to go and make video. TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY...A CRAPPPPPPP video at that...

Once again, I'm NOT impressed.

I STILL love the song sha, nobody can take that one away...It'll FOREVER be a jaaam!

In this case, I shall just skank, bubble and sing a long with my eyes closed! LoL.

x Love Life x

Hmmm...He won me over THIS time.

I won't say it's a *** Jingle of the moment *** BUT it may very well soon be. But as of now?!?


Apart from 'Slowjams' [the song] by Twista, I haven't really cared much at all for his career. I'm not saying it's been CRAP or anything, I just haven't cared for it.

TODAY, in fact a couple minutes ago, my mate [Jamilah] posted a link on the ever so great FB and it was of his new track called 'Wetter'. NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!


In fact, I've had it on repeat EVERY SINCE. ;)

By now you should know my style, if I hear a new track and don't repeat it at LEAST 3times, I don't like it and most probably NEVER will.

In this case I give it THREE thumbs up.

It's a soothing kinda cher - oooon. Me loves it, me loves it mucho.

Twista - Wetter

x Love & Smile x


Tears are supposedly the weak fibres leaving your body thus making you stronger yet everytime I cry I feel weaker. I just want strength and happiness for everyone, I'm SO naive, it's not gonna happen is it? I've tried to smile like everything is great, but it gets harder to smile when you're dying inside! '...lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.'

R.I.P Carl. GOD needed his lil man back, now you'll lack nothing. Things ain't gaaan2 be the same without you b, you truly ARE special, we're gaaan to miss you on a DUMBBB one you 'BUM'. LoL. =')

x Love and celebrate Carl Beatsons Life x

.x. R.I.P Carl Beatson a.k.a Charmz .x.

I don't know the statistics BUT today it became one more TOO many teenagers to be killed by knife crime this year, or ANY OTHER year for that matter.

My boooo, a very good friend of mine Carl Beatsons aka Charmz, one half of the spectacular Kid n Play Dj duo was killed early this morning [1st August] outside a rave called 'Summer Vybz' in Vauxhall by an unknown knifer.

Today has been EMOTIONAL.

He was in uni, my uni, where I met him. Looking foward to his second year this October, his head was SCREWED on! Then somebody had to take his life away, for WHAT REASON?!?!?!

Is there EVER a good enough reason? [sigh]

It sickens me and upsets me to say that this most probably UNFORTUNATELY wouldn't be the last time an event like this takes place in the streets of London. It's SAD and PATHETIC!

If YOU think carrying a knife around for WHATEVER reason is OK, then YOU are part of the knife culture in London and it NEEDS to come to an END!

I'm upset and deeply hurt now but life DOES go on, unfortunately WITHOUT Carl but hey, these things make you stronger, it kinda ain't sunk in properly if I may tell you the truth, I been tryna keep my mind off things but it's DIFFICULT!

Sayper [Peter] the other half of Kid n Play was ALSO injured in the NONSENSE that took place outside the rave and is in hospital recovering thank God. My prayers are with BOTH families and I wish Sayps a SPEEDY recovery.

I could sit here and PREACH about why knife/gun crime/ASSAULT is BAD. But you ain't gaaan2 listen2 me and SADLY one voice canNOT make a whole load of difference, everybody controls their actions and everyone knows what's right and what's wrong.

The choice is YOURS!

x Love Life [before it's too late] & Smile x

Saturday, 1 August 2009




I bee tired, hungry, bored and regretting not gaaan to my girlies drink up for about...Ermmm 2hours now! I ate, no longer hungry. The rest are still up and running! >.<


I may regret making this confession, but I do this for you guys and I AM totally hoest with you guys. I. HAVE. CRIED. TO. THIS. SONG! This song explains my feelings on a DEEPER level.

It's ACTUALLY been one of my Top10 GREATEST slowjams for AAAAAAAAAAAAGES! I dusted off my CD collection [yes I have one] and stumbled across 'Where I wanna be' LEGENDARY ALBUM. Anyway, tooooooooooooo much blabblin'.


I say no more.

x Love Life [and him] x