Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Aaay, I'm feeelin' daaah!

Ima random guy, I like random things, this post is random. Random is a nice word.


They did 'Heartless' justice, I WELL like this version.

ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?

Jessieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, na she is 'so sick I think she'll die soon' Wretch 32...1

Naaa, her voice is AMAZING. I love it Mucho!

This is a clip of hers I ADORE, her singing the BANGER 'Mamma knows best' the song, this cover and the original are EEE-MOE-SHAR-NARL!

Ho Hoooo, Losooo.

Right, this is my ANTHEM! FA.BO.LO.US came back and did a MARRRD TING with 'Losos Way' it's ALOT. Ermmm...'When the money goes' video ft Jay-Z. I feeeel.

'Money comes, money goes, so we need to blow it like a runny nose'. Sheeeeeez-ussssss!

WHAT! I am fudgin' ADDICTED to Hygiene hand wash. EVERYTHING about it is what I love. LoL, the cool breeze it gives you through your fingers, aaay, it's WELL soothing, relaxing and alla daaah good stuffsss.

I wanna show you a picture of my JUMBO size pump that my Gp generously gave to me FREE OF CHARGE. But my webcam is acting up so I got in a mood and din't wanna take a pic on my phone because, I just din't want to. RIGHT. You know what it looks like though right? If you don't then go find out yourself...


COINCIDENTLY I've actually got this EXACT one, same size an errrting! I love it. I doubt it'll last though, I use it on a regular basis, for NO reason n all.

Ermmm, it's meant for professional use only, such as hospitals n dem places dere but...Minor, I'm still killin' bacteria hinni'?

Year - heeere! I was on Kanye's blog and he reminded me about one of my favourite girls V Magazine spread...GAAAA GAAAA!

She's TOO hot man, hermaphrodite or NO hermaphrodite, she's KILLIN' 'em.

I know someone who suffers from 'Compulsive Liarbetese' 'tis all.

x Love Life & Smile x

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