Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Alotta Fings

1. I like the Acoustic version better of Tinchy Stryders tune with that Sugarbabes lady.

2. I can't sleep right now.

3. I'm watching MTV Base.

4. I'm excited.

5. I wish we could 'get back to the way things were'.

6. Humans tend to annoy me.

7. No I'm not on my period.

8. I love my family.

9. I enjoy blogging. =)

10. I'm not even bored.

11. I saw a dead pigeon today.

12. R.I.P Carl 'Charmz' Beatson.

13. Twitter has SLYLY grown on me, but like a spot, it's there, we've acknowledged it, when it goes it shan't be missed.

14. Hmmm...

15. I enjoy FB loads. hehe.

16. My Skype message alert tone just went off and it makes me giggle.

17. I'm emotionally unstable/confused.

18. Kanye West & Mr Hudson - Supernova.

19. McChicken Sandwich, fries and Tropicana.

20. Toenail polish chipping.

21. Kevin Akpobi.

22. [sigh].

23. =D

24. hehe.

25. I miss my Mummy already.

26. I'm worried about October onwards.

27. I didn't mean to, I promise.

28. Do you trust me?

29. Do you even like me?

30. When should I stop?

31. Are you even gaaan to respond?

32. Fashion.

33. People don't change, you just didn't know them as well as you thought you did.

34. Floetry.

35. Open Happiness.

36. Sacha Stroude.

37. Perinaise.

38. Hi, my name is Andrea Ushedo.

39. Super Super Magazine.

40. Should I stop?

41. New York.

42. GaaaH!

43. I wish I could rewind time sometimes BUT I regret nothing.

44. I read his blog all the time.

45. ...and his twitter.

46. Blah!

47. Andre 3000.


49. I wish.

50. Donnell Jones - All her [HIS] love.

51. I got a lot on my mind.

52. I might write some 'poetry'.

53. I wanna kiss him [blush].

54. Bye.

x Love Life x

1 comment:

  1. "Met, talked, [didn't] fxck and got caught up..."