Saturday, 29 August 2009



Good fun with GOOD people...

I had most of me BESTIES around me and we got on a journey to Kings Cross for the ChockaBlock pre carnival party. It was GREAT.

We got there and the que was LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!! But obviously we thought ahead of time and put our names on the que jump list so when we got there, we strolled through to the front like *stars* and got in within 5minutes. hehe.

AS SOOOOON as we got in the Dubstep was sending my heartbeat on a CRAZY pulse race, STRAIGHT to the bar, 'Original Magners please'.

I'd had a little bit to drink beforehand so it wasn't too long 'til I was drunk, skanking my life away, kissin' n huggin' and meeting people, having fun and being DRUNK! AH HA!

I'm sure I'm in a few UNDISCOVERED photo's that make themselves known like, a week or so AFTER the shindig, I await surprises.

Anyhow, TEMPZ RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPED. So did FLIRTA D. So did EVERY Dj in every room, aaah ChockaBlock ALWAYS has the nicest vibes.

Until next time Jp. Love ya.

The journey home was FRIKKIN' crazy, to write about it is the job of a non lazy person...


Yeah, I smoked like 10+ cigarettes that night, WHY or WHERE they were comin' from is actually BEYOND me.

x Love Life and appreciate Good Times with GOOD people & Smile x

P.s...If you're lookin' at someone and they are lookin' at you, can that be classified as an ice breaker/hello? If not, NEW RULES need to come into play [no NWO].

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