Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I'm addicted to tattoos. FACT!

My inspiration and somebody I LOVE in that field of work is the amazingly talented beautiful Kat Von D. I LOVE HER to bits and pieces. [Pixy too of course].

But yesh, Ermmm, my sis*star* Nessquik showed me a picture of her recently ANDDDD she has gone blonde and lost loads and loads and LOADS of weight! =/


I kinda dunno what happened to her, I STILL love her to BITS but I prefer the jet black meaty Kat, she's still a beauty though.

I wish I was brave enough to get tattoos on my arms, like FULL sleeves and stuffsss [brave you say in an unsure voice says the girl with tattoos on her fingers, YES BRAVE]. I'm not that brave, LoL.

I wanna get more though...got so many Ideas. YaaaY.

Wear ink not mink.

x Love Life & Smile x

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