Sunday, 2 August 2009

Hmmm...He won me over THIS time.

I won't say it's a *** Jingle of the moment *** BUT it may very well soon be. But as of now?!?


Apart from 'Slowjams' [the song] by Twista, I haven't really cared much at all for his career. I'm not saying it's been CRAP or anything, I just haven't cared for it.

TODAY, in fact a couple minutes ago, my mate [Jamilah] posted a link on the ever so great FB and it was of his new track called 'Wetter'. NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!


In fact, I've had it on repeat EVERY SINCE. ;)

By now you should know my style, if I hear a new track and don't repeat it at LEAST 3times, I don't like it and most probably NEVER will.

In this case I give it THREE thumbs up.

It's a soothing kinda cher - oooon. Me loves it, me loves it mucho.

Twista - Wetter

x Love & Smile x

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