Thursday, 27 August 2009

[It really is a] GOOD MORNIN'

Good Morning folks, I'm feeling so [inhales long soak of air] lively and happy from inside. I can tell it's gaaan to be a wonderful day. I love mornings like this. I hope you slept well, I did.

This is only a quick post [as I sit here in my trainers quarter length harem pants and T ready to leave out for surprising productivity] just to hopefully make you feel how I do.

I love this song and unfortunate to say, I am NOT a strong Christian BUT I feel Gospel music is wonderful and I genuinely think if I continue to listen to it especially in the mornin' I can become a better person from within. Religion is a beautiful thing, I need to get closer to God.

HappY Ramadan for my Islamic peers, strength be with you in your days of fasting.

Forget the negativity of yesterday and build towards the positivity of tomorrow.

I'll be back later. Take care and have a happy and productive day. Love.

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s (8) ...In the splender of your majesty, from deep within my spirit sings 'HOLY, HOLY'.

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