Tuesday, 4 August 2009

* Jingle of the moment *

I haven't done this in a little while. I sometimes tend to just post songs that I like or currently enjoy BUT they are not jingle's for the moment. LoL, I just want you to hear them because I like them!

But this song is by my GIRLLL, I am a tad disappointed that today is the first time I am hearing this song.

My big bro has already said 'how many times you gonna listen to this song man'.


Then he kmt'd and slammed my door. =)

But yesh, this song, ONCE AGAIN as per usual, I can relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!!! I get proper personal to you at times dun I? COR!

Nev mind, you'll understand me more this way so, be happy beby!

Jazmine Sullivan - A life without Love/If this is love

I'm OVERLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY loving this song to a NEXT LEVEL. WoW! Music may shift up the scale from being my 5th love...just MAYBE!

(8) ...Can't stop smiling and I feel like crying, left the heartache and we're all looking for something. Tears flow with no end but then he makes me smile again, my joy, my pain, but I wouldn't trade it for nothing...

x Lofe Life & Smile x

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