Tuesday, 11 August 2009


RIGHT! I got SO much to do with SO little energy, it's CRAZY!

I was on the Skype phone to my dawwwgs 'til like 8am this mornin'. MAD!

I woke up at 2pm, STUPID.

I got a bag of things to do but can I be bothered dohhh? NO.

Anyhow...It looks like a LOVELY day so Ima jump in the shower NOW, start my day at 4pm [SAD] and keep it gaaan.

As I do that what happens...my mate reminds me of a song I used2 listen to when I first broke up with my ex. [sigh].

The Dream - I can't wait to hate you

LoL. I can laugh over it now, time heals wounds and alla that stuffsss, at the time NOUGHT was funny, I tell you that. LoL. [April 1st, April FOOLS day, the irony will never wither].

RIGHT. Gaaan to do the stuffsss I need to do now.


TAYO 'SCORCHER' JARRETT IS THE EPITOME OF BEAUTY! One day I will pluck up the courage to tell him that, until then, I'll continue to say it behind his back.

(8) ...If this isn't love, TELL ME WHAT IT ISSSSSSSSSSSSS???!!!???

P.s x2

THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!! YaaaaaaaaaY. I've come far mayne. LoL.


x Love Life & Smile x

P.s x3 ^^^ HONESTLY guys, do that, I know I do, it makes everything beautiful.

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