Sunday, 27 September 2009

My booo...

Anyone who knows me knows I got a thing for Scorcher...


I'm too excited for it NOT to get released [again] this time, my heart won't take to it.

x Love Scorcher x



It's only ONE sentence but it made me laugh SO bad...aaah maaan. Good times.

x Love Life [your sexuality] & Smile x

I forgot Bashy

I stumbled [I been doing a LOT of that recently] across a link shoiwn' the trialer to Bashy's new video 'Life' and I posted it up stating the FULL LENGTH video will be out on Friday. Then what happened when Friday came!?! I forgot about Bashy.

But anyway now that I've remembered him...

YeaH that's it. The tune and the video are on point man, Bash is comin' correct, I enjoy.


Gaaan off topic, last night I got DRUNK, bashed my knee on a pole on the bus, went out with some of me favourite girlies, met up with Willy, saw a face that makes me do DUMBNESS but was too drunk to care, had Mc Donalds breakfast, smoked 3 cigarettes [don't ask], woke up with a bruised purple knee and a load of other stuffsss...

Right now I'm listening to slowjams tryna get inspiration to write summink.

I was meant to move into Uni TODAY and as always Andrea dunno when to be serious so I am still at home BUT Ima go this mornin' [or will I?] HOPEFULLY.

Pray I write summink good and go Uni 2mar please...

x Love Life & Smile x

Friday, 25 September 2009

Lil Miss Mei

Well alright thennn, LFW [London Fashion Week] has been the talk of the globe, well it always is, with the Londoness and Fashion and all.

I [sadly] din't attend none of the shows though the world and his pony attended, I feel ashamed. Next year Ima DEFO be there...Who knows, I might even be on z catwalk itself... ¬_¬

Well I weren't on there this year BUT two of me mates WERE. Miss Mei & Michael Morgan, look out for both 'em. They both have really cool blogs, serious BLOGMEN, I'll post 'em at the end 'cause right now Lethargic Anj is BURSTING through my fingers.

Miss Mei gettin' her pose on on z catwark...

My boo Michael doin' HIS thang on z catwark alsooo. There is a REALLY funny story I have to accompany this photographic image BUT I shant tell you, 'why' you cry!?

1] Because it was slightly a personal joke

2] Even if it was a public joke you probably won't get it

3] If you DON'T find it remotely as funny as I do, I'd be upset and it'll ruin the joke in my eyes...

...How will I know whether you [reading] will find it remotely as funny as I do I hear you mutter!?

I CAN FEEEL YOU [no molester].

X Love Life [LFW] & Smile x

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


This looks WELL interesting, Ima look out for the full video on Friday when it gets released...

After that 'Random' trailer AND video Bashy did, I got faith in him to produce summink worthy.

The tunes DEEP so the video is gonna be EMOTIONAL, and not the term people use as 'emosh' nowadays I mean GENUINELY emotion filled.

Here's the tune if you ain't heard it yet...

Oh and if you ain't heard it that means you don't own 'Catch me if you can' why!? GO COP THAT, it's not too late and it's worth it, quote me. Support UK and all that lardy da, PLUS...BASHY IS CHOOONG! ;)

x Love Life & Smile x


I literally just STOLE this off of Kanye's blog...

As the tour dates have been moved and changed, Ima be totally honest with you. I was meant to go to LA in October BUT I now plan to go in November simply to BUNK Uni for 2weeks and attend the 'Fame Kills' concert in Cali.

I dunno if this advert is good, I dunno if it's crap, I dunno if it's pointless, BUT, it EXCITES me!


I hope my plan goes accordingly...

Fame Kills - 'Ye & GaGa tour!

x Love Life & Smile x


Fair enough we all KNOW I got mad love for Amber Rose and people think she just gettin' fame off of 'Ye, though she's talented herself.

Some people don't agree with their relationship or whatever and reckon Kanye's ex was better for him, THOUGH SHE CHEATED ON HIM!

I dunno the reason for this, whether it is 'cause of Kanye BUT she has let herself go BIGTIME. Her attire is highly unacceptable and actually made me quite sad.

What was she thinkin' guys, REALLY!?

But yeah, that was at Fashion Week where she turned up lookin' like that. WHO ELSE WAS AT THE SHOW THAT NIGHT!?!?!?!? None other than my booo

Lookin' as fly as F*&^ as usual. I trust her to ALWAYS represent man, she's TOO much, useless, stripper, video hoe, aaay...She's awesome, give her the Kudos she deserves...

Now, would YOU go back to Alexis or stick with Amber???

x Love Life & Smile x

'My mind shine even when my thoughts seem dark'

'SuperBad chicks givin' me McLovin'.

I wasn't expecting a video, but when I found out there was gaaan to be one, I weren't expectin' much from it.

It's aaaaaaaaayt I guess, it's just a video, Affion has REFUSED to let me take movement/skanks from 'Ye seriously. LoooL. It's CRAZY!

I still prefer the original but if I had to choose who went in the most on this remix, I'd have to say 'Ye did, thought he din't even go innn in.

YeaH anyway, enjoy.

Drake featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminen - Forever

x Love Life & Smile x

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Daniel Pimentel

If you don't know who he is, he is the visual eye sex who is now the face of Diesel.

Basically, I'm in love with him aren't I!? [Ambs you still {one of} my main squeeze{s}]


He sends shivers down me spine, no lie. He is gorgeous guys, YummmY!

He has done modeling for Puma, Levi 501 [where I first noticed him] and now Diesel.

Those eyes, [Anj closes eyes and bites lip]. AH HA! Ok that's enough now.

Oh yeah, I forgot to even tell you, I pierced [I know I said nomore] my top lip. Directly on top of my bottom lip one, that description sounds so SPAZ but for those who know piercing names, BASICALLY...I got a Medusa, right on top of my labret.

Google it or summink, I really can't be asked to take a picture at [almost] 3am. Maybe 2mar.


But yeah, it looks really FUN.

[Anj GENUINELY wonders how she left talkin' about Danny to smile about her new piercing?].

Right, [ahem] Daniel Pimentel, yeah he is WELL fit.

It's approaching Winter guys, where you find that person to snuggle up to and alla daaah. A 'BOYFRIEND' as some like to call it these days.

How I wished my 'guy' looked like Daniel, DAH'WELL!

Oh and I canNOT wait [though I have to] for Uni to start [again] man. CORE. This 'holiday' has lasted EVER so long, I wanna get back into a routine.

I really lack motivation and inspiration, it's not good and I'm lethargic, my normal days consist of basically nothing. I love it, BUT it's not good now is it. I'm plannin' on this NEW Uni experience to give me all I lack and need, this is my final attempt at University btw. LoL, failure is NOT an option [this time]. ¬_¬

P.s...[I postscript a LOT don't I? Minor] I took a nap right after EastEnders which means @ 8:30pm and I woke up at 1:45am. The moral of that sentence is that, I CANNOT SLEEP!

x Love Life & Smile x

Monday, 21 September 2009


I know absolutely EVERYONE is gaaan2 to see this, blog this, share this, save this, play this, (*&^%&*P{ this. EVERYTHING!




I see a clip of it and it said coming soon, but I totally forgot about it, then my mate posted it on FaceBook this afternoon.

Naaa [Anj takes off hat to Affion Crockett] it is actually quite funny.

Celebrities GET IT man.

x Love Life [Spoofs] & Smile x

P.s...Affion skankin' as Kanye had me in STITCHES, he got it on POINT, too funny!

Just like a star

Just like a star across my sky,
Just like an angel off the page,
You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I'll never be the same,
Just like a song in my heart,
Just like oil on my hands,
Honour to love you

Still I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this,
With anyone but you,
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind,

You've got this look I can't describe,
You make me feel like I'm alive,
When everything else is au fait,
Without a doubt you're on my side,
Heaven has been away too long,
Can't find the words to write this song,
Your love,

Still I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this,
With anyone but you,
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind,

Now I have come to understand,
The way it is,
It's not a secret anymore,
'cause we've been through that before,
From tonight I know that you're the only one,
I've been confused and in the dark,
Now I understand,

I wonder why it is,
I don't argue like this,
With anyone but you,
I wonder why it is,
I wont let my guard down,
For anyone but you
We do it all the time,
Blowing out my mind,

Just like a star across my sky,
Just like an angel off the page,
You have appeared to my life,
Feel like I'll never be the same,
Just like a song in my heart,
Just like oil on my hands.

It's how I feel right now, I love this song. I haven't heard it in a while, BUT I appreciate songs more when I don't listen to them for a while.

When I 'broke up' with an 'ex' of mine, I had this song on REPEAT for DAYS, literally. LoooL.

It still has the same affect on me now as it did then.

What do you tell someone who has heard it all before? Do you still keep trying though your efforts seem pointless and unnoticed? Am I greedy for not wanting to let go of something for my own personal reasons?

So many questions...I dunno the answers to, so I sit and ponder, but as I ponder, I wonder if it's worth the thoughts!?

x Love Life & Smile x

Sunday, 20 September 2009

* Jingle of the moment *

'Me I'm from the Apple which means I'm the Mac. She's a PC, she lives in my lap.'



My dudes 'Yo & Willy might kill my WHOLE existence for this because I ALWAYS make this guy seem like the WORSEST person ever!

Ok exagg [as normal] he ain't the WORSE person ever but I have never taken a liking to his music, I don't even care for him really, I have liked a few of his tracks but I would NEVER say I was a fan, I don't feel that much.

I'm STILL not a fan, but I didn't even think THIS day will come...


Jay - Z.

All this Illuminati stuffsss, apparently he is like the KING of it, the leader, the CEO or whatever.

But yeah man, if he is...I couldn't care less. =D ...That wasn't the reason WHY I didn't like his music, I just weren't really interested!

But yeah, I got twanged to buy BluePrint 3. I did so...


I'm impressed, but anyway I don't wanna give him way too much Kudos, even though to some he may deserve 'em.

Lemme just get to the Jingle hinni'.

Jay - Z - Venus vs. Mars


When I heard this jingle yeah, I been NOOGIN' it since then...

'She got a body like a coke bottle, I crush it like a coke can'.

MARRRDNESS, if my guy EVER said that to me, I tell you now, I will get twanged, INSTANTLY!

x Love Life [Music {I'm gettin' persuaded to BUMP music UP to my fourth love from fifth =D } ] & Smile x

I don't love her BUT, I love her...

To all these people that think Amber Rose does nothing but look amazingly FIERCE on Kanye Wests arm in designer clothes and shades. SHE HAS A JOB.

She ALWAYS had a job, fair enough she used to be a video girl, but so did Lauren London at the end of the day sooo, what's your point?

Least she was gettin' dollars alie?

But yeah, now she has taken it up a level, in America it is VERY common for pretty girls who wanna be models to take roles as video chicks. LOADS of them do it, on a real. It's a way to get into the industry.

Like the way people in Britain beg friends with people in the Music or Media industry, become their friends just to reap what they are sowing. Ah, ya dig?


YeaH, so thats what Amber did, she became a video chick to BREAK through to the modellin' scene, now her mission has been fulfilled, she no longer is a video chick, same way Lauren London wanted to be an actress [but maybe the whole bearing Lil Wayne's child thing flopped her] so she started off as a video honey. Same way people befriend others to get contacts, recognition, exposure, links, credibility and all of the above to get where they wanna get to.

Random thought: Brown nosing is COOL if it's takin' you where you wanna go, I don't care, Quote me!

But yeah, right, my cyber girlfriend Amber is the face of a new perfume by Michael Boadi the perfume is called Boadicea the Virtuous. If it launches over here, Ima buy it. Why? Because Amber Rose is the face of it...that is all.

I guess their marketing strategy is workin'.


x Love Life [Amber Rose] & Smile x

Friday, 18 September 2009

Auf Wiedersehen

It's SO random, but 'TheLondonPaper' published their last issue today, after like 3years or whatever.

I dunno but it'll seem weird seeing only the yellow guy [Lite] tryna shove a newspaper in your chest.

PLUS, purple is my favourite colour so I always used to take 'em. [sigh]

PLUS x2 I 'member when they were givin' out FREE KitKat one time. [sigh x2]

PLUS x3 3 is my favourite number so I wanted another point though I had none. [sigh x3]

YeaH, I shall miss the Sudoku and Horoscope AND the 'LondonBuzz' section, fashion GALORE. I loved it.

GoodBye my dearly beloved, we shall [never] meet again.

Next is METRO, I'm sowwe I just don't take notice of Lite, not interested.

[Notice how I only read FREE newspapers!? =/ ...Yikes, I get The Sun and Newham Recorder randomly at times.

OR...Maybe even the Evening Standard which becomes FREE after a certain time, like 9pm or so, I might give that a try [doubt it].

x Love Life [FREE Newspapers] & Smile x


Incase you din't get what I was tryna say: 'Eye, Love, AMBER ROSE'. She's Awesome.

Now I shall be signin' out, I been lookin' at too many pictures of her, I'm gaaan off to wank...

x Love Life & Smile x

YoYo's was a NoNo

Twas me mates birthday yesterday and he was gaaan YoYo's to celebrate, I was gaaan!



I got dressed, ready2 leave n alla that stuffsss THEN I was like, Oh lemme pop off to ASDA n buy some Pear Magners to kick off me evening. As I got into ASDA I realised, aaah shucks, left me I.D indoors. BUMBER! ¬_¬

Ran [no not really, walked fast] home, got in, THROWIN' STUFFSSS around tryna find me I.D. I mean LITERALLY throwin' things [including a tantrum] around in SEARCH for me I.D.

COULDN'T find it, at this point I was slightly sweating in my cardigan, so it was becomin' MORE frustrating.

I thought mmmkay, I ain't gnna find it, ran to me Mummy's room to ask her for my passport.

She said...





'You know the answer, it's like you search for disappointment'


Basically, last time I took my Passport as a form of identification for a rave, I lost it. My Mummy paid for the replacement and alla daaah stuffsss and since then I haven't been trusted with it in my possession ever since.

So to cut this long saddening story really short...

YoYo's was a NoNo...

x Love Life & Frown x

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I love Lady GaGa, SO?! I WILL see her this year. She killed it [literally] at the VMA's. LEAVE HER[/US] ALONE.

I tried it, it's LOVELY, it's my second favourite chocolate, you should join me.

Tried to go YoYo's, FAIL. Wandered. Had fun. CASIO x2. Red x2. IGBO x2. It's Alotta fings. [THOUGH I AIN'T TALKIN' TO HIM AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT IN TIME].

THIS is CELPH photography [hehe]. I love this picture. I was lyin' on the bed unaware of current goingson. He had a pencil. Ta Daaaaaaaaa.


That was my ONLY meal of the day. I don't starve myself, I just hardly get hungry these days.

I enjoy my friends and people that make me schmile. I'd choose happiness over riches ANY day.


P.s...I have TOO many people who I love and adore, to spend time worrying about the ones who don't appreciate me nor make me happy.

x Love Life [and those who make you happy] & Smile x

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


The BEST idea it was to get a hold of the 5 Brandy albums. I'm enjoyin' ooo.

YeaH. I'm bored. Up. I asked like, a TONNE of people to play '21' with me, and out of ALL the responses and some responses were NO responses. =( ...I only played it with ONE person.

[¬_¬] ...The unamed.

But yeah, that ONE person was the ONE person I thought wouldn't respond...I was like WoW. Mmmkay.

Even though the game was an ABSOLUTE shamble and really CRAP, it's the thought right?


I'm currently listenin' to this song as I type away so I thought lemme share it with you guys...

I just have 'Brandy' on shuffle, so it goes through all her tracks, Aaaah, GoodTimes, GREAT Musicsss.

I'm quite hungry but because I'm on a diet, all I can afford to have as a midnight snack is...

I'm on a 'diet' and I have been on one for a coupla coupla days now. =)

TIP/NOTE: Big[ger] girls, if you go on a diet and loose VISIBLE weight, KNOW that your booty grows or LOOKS SOOOOOOOOO much bigger, I am living prove. hehe.

x Love Life [and dieting, Brandy and Big bum bums] & Smile x

Monday, 14 September 2009

Slight FAIL, large SUCCESS






Aaaah, I did it, and ALL ON ME OWN N ALL. ;-)

My aim was to download ALL Brandys albums, well get 'em from other people or whatever. 'Buying' them became an instand FAILED plan, I bought ONE and the 3 bonus tracks were missin' so I thought, you know what...

YeaH, so I dunno how you illegal people do it, I mean...It is SOOO LONG! Core...HONESTLY!

I know people with OVER 5,000 songs on their iTunes, ironically NONE of which were bought from iTunes Store. I COULD NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR DO THAT.

The majority of my songs in iTunes were purchased from there OR imported from a CD or what have you.

The rest...were sent to me. ¬_¬


I would talk about the VMA's but you can just watch it @9pm today instead.

But I WILL say, Kanye West is a BADMAN [and a cutey]. AMBER ROSE is GaaaH! Lady GaGa is the BOMD DIGGIDY and Jay-Z is idolised.

^^^ This is me and my husband, NO really...

P.s...Is Michael Jackson dead?

x Love Life & Smile x

Sunday, 13 September 2009

On the prowl...

I have so many draft blogs it's ridiculous, my lethargy is just gettin' to me on a NEXT level.

I applied for me Uni accommodation and stuffsss AGES AGO only to recieve a letter stating that accommodation is FULL and I have been allocated in a HOTEL. ¬_¬

Right, well I don't like the sound of that AT ALL. I know I don't HAVE to stay there but they haven't really given me much choice considering I start lectures on the 28th. [15days from now].

I'm sittin' @ home on the stairs [don't ask why] and I remembered how SICK Brandy the singer is/was. I LOVED her so much at one point, then it's kinda like she just faded.

Ima pay homage. III am gaaan to upgrade my iTouch this week n all to the new 64Gb one. WooHoo, how excited am I? I haven't got THAT much musicsss on my iTunes [it being my 5th love n all]. BUT...If Ima have a 64Gb Mp3 player, the LEAST I can do is fill it up.

[I prefer apps and videos, which take up a reasonable amount but blah! I want more musicsss].

Now Brandy has five albums, [Brandy, Never Say Never, Full Moon, Afrodisiac and Human] I just bought 'Never Say Never' off iTunes, being the good law abiding citizen that I am. BUTTT...Good guys finish LAST. If I downloaded illegally I woulda had all five of 'em by now [probably].

Anyone wanna help?

So now basically my aim is to have all five of Brandys albums before I lay my head to rest for the night...

I'm on the prowl...

x Love Life [and GOOD MUSIC] & Smile x

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The ONLY 'ZOO' issue NOT for 'Willy'


I like to talk in short straight to the point sentences at times.

This is ONE of those times.


I have a mate named Will. He wanted the new issue of ZOO Mag. I got z 'ook up. He asked me to gellit. I did. Will became rude for 24hours. I'm not given it to him.

This schmile on me face is 'cause I know Willy ain't gettin' it. Mmmhahahaha!


Na na na na booo booo, you can't haaave it.

x Love Life & Schmile x

* Jingle of the moment * - Eleanor Jackson

I have been told that I NOOG it, which basically means I do it a lot, but SOMETIMES there is no words nor better way to express myself such as...





It's been my JAM for TIMEEE, but now that I have discovered the NEW video to go with it, I reckon it DEFO deserves to be my * Jingle for the moment *

Right, incase for some 'CRAYZ' reason you dunno who Eleanor IS. It's the quirky [my girlfriend] lil lady from La Roux. YeaH, I love her.



She makes me schmile...

My FAVOURITE song on the self titled album [La Roux] is 'I'm not your toy'. LARD GARD. I love the chew-woon SOOOOOOOOO MUSH! Ooooo la la.

Naaa, if you don't vibes and RELOAD this song at LEAST 3times from 3seconds in, I dunno what to say, honestly dude.

La Roux - I'm not your toy.

'...It's all fake love and affection, you don't like me you just like the attention'.

Aaaaaaaay, Elly goes IN!

I love their album anyway, ALL the tracks. They been releasing the RIGHT track after the RIGHT track. The next single SHOULD be 'Cover my eyes' but for now I don't MINDDD bubblin' to 'I'm not your toy' for a HOTTT minute.

x Love Life & Smile x

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


The End.

P.s...I almost fell down the stairs.

x Love Life & Smile x


No introduction necessary.

Yesterday Scorcher released a video on his youtube page [which I am subscribed to and I think you should be too], it's for his new street single 'Gangsta'. It's been APPARENTLY banned from TV BUT in the famous words of Ayo 'I don't give a D anyway', so long as he is in the video, I'm watchin' it.

Scorcher won me over from long time, when he went prison I was SHATTERED! But he RE won me over when he came out and featered in this. Bashy, Big Nasty, Scorcher and some Asian Ladies - Big Love.

'...and when we get a little bit cloers, maybe you can call me Tayo too'.


Is ONE person allowed to have it ALL, no but seriously?

My mates think my admiration is a JOKE! I'm not laughin'...I love him [exagg].

But he's beautiful, plus he is a lyrical G. <<<>

Though I've heard a LOAD of tracks from the album I STILL can't wait for 'Concrete Jungle' to get released, come onnnnnnnnnnnn Scorch, we're [more importantly I am] waitinggg!

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s...I had THE MADDEST FUNNEST day 2day, too tired...I shall fill you in 2mar.


Monday, 7 September 2009

(8) ...No auto tune, but you can feel the Pain...

I was on ConcreteLoop as usual, stumbled across a new tune by Drake - Fear.


'...and know I pop bottles cuz I bottle my emotions, at least I put it all in the open'.

You know when it don't even get to a minute into the track but you place the cursor on the dis tin and DRAG it back...Aaay, [Anj raises eyebrows in subtle shock] I feel the tune.

I dunno why he says he din't cry over 2Pac but he will when Jay does, actually I DO know, because he likes Jay [durrr] but I don't see how he possibly could like Jay MORE, ok I've just confused myself. ¬_¬

Recently this Illuminati stuffsss got me kinda FREAKED out, even now apparently producers are puttin' 'things' in the beat that affects your brainwaves which is what makes you like the song, it's too strange. Be aware, don't be afraid. That's what I feel...

' ...and him missing in my life is kind of messing with me. I hope this isn't one of those forever things. It's funny how money can change everything'.

I slyly got it on repeat...

x Love Life & Smile x


There ain't nought much to say on this matter, basically to cut the SHORTEST STORY SHORT.

I downloaded it this afternoon.

I'm still listening to it this mornin'.

It's affectin' my sleep [Fraff, like I sleep anyhow].

Until you download it, it's best we NEVER speak.

Will is my knight in cyber armour.

My smile looks like this...


x Love Life & Smile x

P.s...I got work in less than 4hours. But I don't care, I'm too happy to sleep. HeHe.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Shadez The MisFit

I have a friend, his name is Tazar, he is awesome, he is a musician, he performed on the cordless show...

LoL. Naaa that's my DUDE Shadez on one of his first few of MANY performances. This one was for the cordless show. Look out for him, he is up and comin' lookin' to take the scene by STORM and cause a madness. I know how cliche that must sound but I tell no lie.

P.s...The freestyle at the end was a KILLER!

x Love Life & Smile x

Cartoon Clash

Mr.Gilera goes INNNNNNNNN!

So does Arnold Snakeynegger, but he don't go in that DEEP!

It's JOKES. I can't lie I have not heard of A LOAD of them cartoons, BUT I wanna compete, step up to the challenge, I reckon I can do alotta fings.

x Love Life & Smile x

It's getting late...VISUAL!

People [AYO] complain at times about how my poems written down are too long to read and stuffsss.

I got bored and FINALLY decided to record myself reciting one of my poems [which is posted on my FaceBook Group page called 'iWrite by Andrea Ushedo'] called 'It's getting late'.

I am still kinda in that FUNNY [how ironically NOT funny] mood, so yeah enough talkin' it is...

Hope you enjoy it and alla daaah! Ermmm, my mic on my lappy is slightly not the greatest so I hope you can hear it enough to get a FEEEL of what I'm sayin'.


x Love Life [and poetry] & Smile x

Saturday, 5 September 2009

ShadeStar Scrutiny Vol.1

This is a NEW thang which I intend to make a regular post, I recently thought it up and decided it will be useful, interesting, insightful and alla daaah.

The name kinda says it all, I don't think an explanation is due, is it? Well just in case...

I'm ShadeStar, this post is my Scrutiny...ya dig?


Ayt, BASICALLY...This emotion is slyly nuts, I'm not ANGRY but I ain't SAD but I'm DEFO not happy, as of NOW! Like, I make mistakes, I do and say things that I know others may find inappropriate, rude, insulting or whatever and I do try my best to avoid situations like that BUT if I totally did the opposite of what I thought and felt just to please others or avoid treadin' on toes...wouldn't that make me fake?

Anyway, emotions...OBVIOUSLY that was gonna come up involved in this post, I'm slyly an emotional WRECK! I try to keep things composed and stuffsss, but each time ish just seems to hit the fan, like, withOUT fail, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

As you may have noticed, ISH HAS HIT THE FAN!

If you don't like someone, wouldn't it just make sense to leave them alone?

Don't talk about 'em, don't look @ 'em, don't think about 'em don't do NOUGHT towards, around or TO 'em. Leaaave theeem aloneee.

It's not by FORCE to LIKE a friend of a friend, just because you are friends with one person does NOT necessarily mean you have to then make friends with their friends, JAM!

I been sitting at my laptop, fingers floating across the keys on my board for about 27minutes now, not typing ANYTHING! I dunnoooooooo, I got some kinda RAGE in me. It's mad, I defo can't explain it. [sigh].

I get bored sometimes...

OooooooooH yeah, as you may notice from the ABOVE peek-sure that I decided to POKE my labret bar back into my lip. =D ...I missed it EVER so much.

What's on my mind? A LOT. I DO NOT think there will EVER be a time where I can actually tell you everything that is on/in there, it's probably IMPOSSIBLE.

I think about him A LOT [surprisingly NOT who you think I'm on about]. I feel sowwe for single parents, genuinely, though many cope and even prefer to be in that situation it is ACTUALLY not a very nice one to be in.


You get no sympathy if you cause yourself to fall over.

I learn from other people's mistakes so I don't have to make 'em for myself.

Remaining sexually inactive is probably one of the WISEST decisions I've EVER made though I lied to a mate of mine stating that I will break my celibacy on Sunday Evening, in fact at the time it wasn't a lie because I was sexually frustrated beyond measure so I ACTUALLY made it an option.

I question my religion A LOT, all the time really. I haven't been to church since new years eve this year and BEFORE that I hadn't been to church in a few years, REALLY BAD. I need some form of higher being in my life [I think].

I haven't had a tattoo in AGES [exagg], I think I need one within this week.

I can't wait until the 28th September 2009. PHUCK!

¬_¬ <<< I've become addicted to makin' this face in person and on the net

I don't care about your crew 'I'll chief up ALLA YA N*GGAS'.

I just finished watching 'American Gangster' Denzel? Na I'm not interested, BADDERMAN actor, but he is not choong [attractive] to me.

[I had a BAG of things to say, {yes more than this} but I can't seem to 'member].

Sometimes I get really irritable and I like to be left alone, the sound of someone BREATHING around me can make my blood boil and my skin itch, no hoax.

At times I have a REALLY short temper and an even shorter attention span.

It was my mate Nnena's birthday and I went to her house and had fun times and made new memories. I proper love her.

Typin' this has made me realise how much I ACTUALLY say the word actually. CORE! Who knew.

Ermmm...It's ALOTTA fings man, I honestly been sitting here typin' for TIME!

Oh yeah, when someone thinks you care about summink you REALLY don't care about...Like, why you so sure?

Even if I do, so? SO?! ArgH!

I'm bored of my shaved head but I can't seem to stop shaving it, why Anj, what's wrong with you?

This didn't turn out QUITE how I expected but yeah, hopefully Vol.2 will be BETTER and not so much of an emotional rant.

NEVER let 'em get the best of you, believe!

Ima leave you with summink that ALWAYS makes me feel bella...


...and that's my scrutiny.

x Love Life & Smile x

Friday, 4 September 2009


I'm SPEECHLESS, sayin' anything about this video will be no justification. But in saying that, I've already said too much. Feast your eyes on THIS!

I posted the original by 'Twista' quite a while ago and that is STILL my jaaam, I love that song. But I'm sowwe, Twista just REALLY doesn't have the affect that Bow Wow had on me in this video...


Some say he should stay as a sweet boy and do puppy dog videos and songs...NO!

Being signed to Young Money is a GREAT decision and HOPEFULLY his career blows sky high, na, Bow Wow I'm feeeeeelin' his new stuffsss...

Sex sells, I'm buying.

x Love Life & Smile x

* Jingle of the moment *

It's been a MINUTE since I done one of these, NOT because every song I've been hearing is CRAP, but simply because I'm lethargic. =)

Right, I'm a REGULAR [REGULAR meaning every 30 minutes] 'Concrete Loop' reader. I'm addicted to you C.L.

This weeks * Jingle of the moment * was introduced to me by Concrete Loop and since then I have DEFO been keepin' it on REPEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!

I downloaded it off of the C.L website only on Monday and the play counts have exceeded 100, NO DIZ!

(8) ...I'm lifted baby, your love is ecstasy, every time I'm with you baby I relapse and I OD...

Yoo Hoooooooo, I can ACTUALLY relate the feelings live [NO AYO, DEFO NOT A PADLOCK SITCH - E - AY - TION].

Anyway, enough procrastination, Lloyd ft Juelz Santana - Pusha.

Aaaaaaaaay, this tune is nought but LIVE! PHUCK.

Lloyd yeah, since 'SouthSide' video back in whenever it was, I had the hots for him, whalla cutey. But he ain't even a part of 'The Inc/Murder Inc' nomore so people slyly thought that was it for him [LIKE MURDER INC WERE EVER THAT LIVE ANYHOW]. But he is workin' on a new album and stuffsss, HIS VOICE...Hoo yesssh, it's softly sweet...and he's weng. What more do you want? CORE!

If they make a video for this song, I'll dribble at the screen for the WHOLE 3:59. 'Tis all.

x Love Llife & Smile x

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The devil wears Prada

I recently posted up a picture which was leaked for Rihanna's photoshoot with Italia VOGUE Magazine, the picture was HOT & scary at the same time. NOW I've found a BUNCH of the pictures from the shoot and the image which will be used for front cover. They are FIERCE! Lard Gaaard!

Even though she is a 'demon worshipper' or whalleva and she couldn't sing to save her soul, she does A LOT on this shoot, I enjoy the viewage.

Love her or hate her...She's rich AND the photos are DAZZLING, agree to agree!

On a [insert appropriate word here] note...

I was meant to go fix one of my Casio watches today, I got @ a few people to accompany me because for some strange reason I just didn't wanna be alone on my journey, I ended up getting THREE people who wanted to/didn't mind to come with...YaaaY!


Did I get my watch fixed? NO. Is the shop closing in a half hour? YES. DO I LIVE OVER 30MINS AWAY FROM THE SHOP? YESH, YESH I DO!

Ok, that's it really...

I'm gaaan aht now, got somewhat constructiveness to do which includes a Sony HDD camera battery to wear out...hehe.

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s...IF Will Okobi was ANY deafer, he'd be deaf! ¬_¬