Friday, 18 September 2009

Auf Wiedersehen

It's SO random, but 'TheLondonPaper' published their last issue today, after like 3years or whatever.

I dunno but it'll seem weird seeing only the yellow guy [Lite] tryna shove a newspaper in your chest.

PLUS, purple is my favourite colour so I always used to take 'em. [sigh]

PLUS x2 I 'member when they were givin' out FREE KitKat one time. [sigh x2]

PLUS x3 3 is my favourite number so I wanted another point though I had none. [sigh x3]

YeaH, I shall miss the Sudoku and Horoscope AND the 'LondonBuzz' section, fashion GALORE. I loved it.

GoodBye my dearly beloved, we shall [never] meet again.

Next is METRO, I'm sowwe I just don't take notice of Lite, not interested.

[Notice how I only read FREE newspapers!? =/ ...Yikes, I get The Sun and Newham Recorder randomly at times.

OR...Maybe even the Evening Standard which becomes FREE after a certain time, like 9pm or so, I might give that a try [doubt it].

x Love Life [FREE Newspapers] & Smile x


Incase you din't get what I was tryna say: 'Eye, Love, AMBER ROSE'. She's Awesome.

Now I shall be signin' out, I been lookin' at too many pictures of her, I'm gaaan off to wank...

x Love Life & Smile x

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