Tuesday, 15 September 2009


The BEST idea it was to get a hold of the 5 Brandy albums. I'm enjoyin' ooo.

YeaH. I'm bored. Up. I asked like, a TONNE of people to play '21' with me, and out of ALL the responses and some responses were NO responses. =( ...I only played it with ONE person.

[¬_¬] ...The unamed.

But yeah, that ONE person was the ONE person I thought wouldn't respond...I was like WoW. Mmmkay.

Even though the game was an ABSOLUTE shamble and really CRAP, it's the thought right?


I'm currently listenin' to this song as I type away so I thought lemme share it with you guys...

I just have 'Brandy' on shuffle, so it goes through all her tracks, Aaaah, GoodTimes, GREAT Musicsss.

I'm quite hungry but because I'm on a diet, all I can afford to have as a midnight snack is...

I'm on a 'diet' and I have been on one for a coupla coupla days now. =)

TIP/NOTE: Big[ger] girls, if you go on a diet and loose VISIBLE weight, KNOW that your booty grows or LOOKS SOOOOOOOOO much bigger, I am living prove. hehe.

x Love Life [and dieting, Brandy and Big bum bums] & Smile x

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