Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The devil wears Prada

I recently posted up a picture which was leaked for Rihanna's photoshoot with Italia VOGUE Magazine, the picture was HOT & scary at the same time. NOW I've found a BUNCH of the pictures from the shoot and the image which will be used for front cover. They are FIERCE! Lard Gaaard!

Even though she is a 'demon worshipper' or whalleva and she couldn't sing to save her soul, she does A LOT on this shoot, I enjoy the viewage.

Love her or hate her...She's rich AND the photos are DAZZLING, agree to agree!

On a [insert appropriate word here] note...

I was meant to go fix one of my Casio watches today, I got @ a few people to accompany me because for some strange reason I just didn't wanna be alone on my journey, I ended up getting THREE people who wanted to/didn't mind to come with...YaaaY!


Did I get my watch fixed? NO. Is the shop closing in a half hour? YES. DO I LIVE OVER 30MINS AWAY FROM THE SHOP? YESH, YESH I DO!

Ok, that's it really...

I'm gaaan aht now, got somewhat constructiveness to do which includes a Sony HDD camera battery to wear out...hehe.

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s...IF Will Okobi was ANY deafer, he'd be deaf! ¬_¬

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