Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I love Lady GaGa, SO?! I WILL see her this year. She killed it [literally] at the VMA's. LEAVE HER[/US] ALONE.

I tried it, it's LOVELY, it's my second favourite chocolate, you should join me.

Tried to go YoYo's, FAIL. Wandered. Had fun. CASIO x2. Red x2. IGBO x2. It's Alotta fings. [THOUGH I AIN'T TALKIN' TO HIM AT THIS PRECISE MOMENT IN TIME].

THIS is CELPH photography [hehe]. I love this picture. I was lyin' on the bed unaware of current goingson. He had a pencil. Ta Daaaaaaaaa.


That was my ONLY meal of the day. I don't starve myself, I just hardly get hungry these days.

I enjoy my friends and people that make me schmile. I'd choose happiness over riches ANY day.


P.s...I have TOO many people who I love and adore, to spend time worrying about the ones who don't appreciate me nor make me happy.

x Love Life [and those who make you happy] & Smile x

1 comment:

  1. You'r mate there in the middle has a WICKED left nipple. Just sayin'.

    See your drunken wink yeah... 's nice.