Sunday, 20 September 2009

I don't love her BUT, I love her...

To all these people that think Amber Rose does nothing but look amazingly FIERCE on Kanye Wests arm in designer clothes and shades. SHE HAS A JOB.

She ALWAYS had a job, fair enough she used to be a video girl, but so did Lauren London at the end of the day sooo, what's your point?

Least she was gettin' dollars alie?

But yeah, now she has taken it up a level, in America it is VERY common for pretty girls who wanna be models to take roles as video chicks. LOADS of them do it, on a real. It's a way to get into the industry.

Like the way people in Britain beg friends with people in the Music or Media industry, become their friends just to reap what they are sowing. Ah, ya dig?


YeaH, so thats what Amber did, she became a video chick to BREAK through to the modellin' scene, now her mission has been fulfilled, she no longer is a video chick, same way Lauren London wanted to be an actress [but maybe the whole bearing Lil Wayne's child thing flopped her] so she started off as a video honey. Same way people befriend others to get contacts, recognition, exposure, links, credibility and all of the above to get where they wanna get to.

Random thought: Brown nosing is COOL if it's takin' you where you wanna go, I don't care, Quote me!

But yeah, right, my cyber girlfriend Amber is the face of a new perfume by Michael Boadi the perfume is called Boadicea the Virtuous. If it launches over here, Ima buy it. Why? Because Amber Rose is the face of it...that is all.

I guess their marketing strategy is workin'.


x Love Life [Amber Rose] & Smile x

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