Sunday, 27 September 2009

I forgot Bashy

I stumbled [I been doing a LOT of that recently] across a link shoiwn' the trialer to Bashy's new video 'Life' and I posted it up stating the FULL LENGTH video will be out on Friday. Then what happened when Friday came!?! I forgot about Bashy.

But anyway now that I've remembered him...

YeaH that's it. The tune and the video are on point man, Bash is comin' correct, I enjoy.


Gaaan off topic, last night I got DRUNK, bashed my knee on a pole on the bus, went out with some of me favourite girlies, met up with Willy, saw a face that makes me do DUMBNESS but was too drunk to care, had Mc Donalds breakfast, smoked 3 cigarettes [don't ask], woke up with a bruised purple knee and a load of other stuffsss...

Right now I'm listening to slowjams tryna get inspiration to write summink.

I was meant to move into Uni TODAY and as always Andrea dunno when to be serious so I am still at home BUT Ima go this mornin' [or will I?] HOPEFULLY.

Pray I write summink good and go Uni 2mar please...

x Love Life & Smile x

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