Friday, 4 September 2009

* Jingle of the moment *

It's been a MINUTE since I done one of these, NOT because every song I've been hearing is CRAP, but simply because I'm lethargic. =)

Right, I'm a REGULAR [REGULAR meaning every 30 minutes] 'Concrete Loop' reader. I'm addicted to you C.L.

This weeks * Jingle of the moment * was introduced to me by Concrete Loop and since then I have DEFO been keepin' it on REPEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!

I downloaded it off of the C.L website only on Monday and the play counts have exceeded 100, NO DIZ!

(8) ...I'm lifted baby, your love is ecstasy, every time I'm with you baby I relapse and I OD...

Yoo Hoooooooo, I can ACTUALLY relate the feelings live [NO AYO, DEFO NOT A PADLOCK SITCH - E - AY - TION].

Anyway, enough procrastination, Lloyd ft Juelz Santana - Pusha.

Aaaaaaaaay, this tune is nought but LIVE! PHUCK.

Lloyd yeah, since 'SouthSide' video back in whenever it was, I had the hots for him, whalla cutey. But he ain't even a part of 'The Inc/Murder Inc' nomore so people slyly thought that was it for him [LIKE MURDER INC WERE EVER THAT LIVE ANYHOW]. But he is workin' on a new album and stuffsss, HIS VOICE...Hoo yesssh, it's softly sweet...and he's weng. What more do you want? CORE!

If they make a video for this song, I'll dribble at the screen for the WHOLE 3:59. 'Tis all.

x Love Llife & Smile x

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