Sunday, 20 September 2009

* Jingle of the moment *

'Me I'm from the Apple which means I'm the Mac. She's a PC, she lives in my lap.'



My dudes 'Yo & Willy might kill my WHOLE existence for this because I ALWAYS make this guy seem like the WORSEST person ever!

Ok exagg [as normal] he ain't the WORSE person ever but I have never taken a liking to his music, I don't even care for him really, I have liked a few of his tracks but I would NEVER say I was a fan, I don't feel that much.

I'm STILL not a fan, but I didn't even think THIS day will come...


Jay - Z.

All this Illuminati stuffsss, apparently he is like the KING of it, the leader, the CEO or whatever.

But yeah man, if he is...I couldn't care less. =D ...That wasn't the reason WHY I didn't like his music, I just weren't really interested!

But yeah, I got twanged to buy BluePrint 3. I did so...


I'm impressed, but anyway I don't wanna give him way too much Kudos, even though to some he may deserve 'em.

Lemme just get to the Jingle hinni'.

Jay - Z - Venus vs. Mars


When I heard this jingle yeah, I been NOOGIN' it since then...

'She got a body like a coke bottle, I crush it like a coke can'.

MARRRDNESS, if my guy EVER said that to me, I tell you now, I will get twanged, INSTANTLY!

x Love Life [Music {I'm gettin' persuaded to BUMP music UP to my fourth love from fifth =D } ] & Smile x

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