Friday, 25 September 2009

Lil Miss Mei

Well alright thennn, LFW [London Fashion Week] has been the talk of the globe, well it always is, with the Londoness and Fashion and all.

I [sadly] din't attend none of the shows though the world and his pony attended, I feel ashamed. Next year Ima DEFO be there...Who knows, I might even be on z catwalk itself... ¬_¬

Well I weren't on there this year BUT two of me mates WERE. Miss Mei & Michael Morgan, look out for both 'em. They both have really cool blogs, serious BLOGMEN, I'll post 'em at the end 'cause right now Lethargic Anj is BURSTING through my fingers.

Miss Mei gettin' her pose on on z catwark...

My boo Michael doin' HIS thang on z catwark alsooo. There is a REALLY funny story I have to accompany this photographic image BUT I shant tell you, 'why' you cry!?

1] Because it was slightly a personal joke

2] Even if it was a public joke you probably won't get it

3] If you DON'T find it remotely as funny as I do, I'd be upset and it'll ruin the joke in my eyes...

...How will I know whether you [reading] will find it remotely as funny as I do I hear you mutter!?

I CAN FEEEL YOU [no molester].

X Love Life [LFW] & Smile x

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