Sunday, 13 September 2009

On the prowl...

I have so many draft blogs it's ridiculous, my lethargy is just gettin' to me on a NEXT level.

I applied for me Uni accommodation and stuffsss AGES AGO only to recieve a letter stating that accommodation is FULL and I have been allocated in a HOTEL. ¬_¬

Right, well I don't like the sound of that AT ALL. I know I don't HAVE to stay there but they haven't really given me much choice considering I start lectures on the 28th. [15days from now].

I'm sittin' @ home on the stairs [don't ask why] and I remembered how SICK Brandy the singer is/was. I LOVED her so much at one point, then it's kinda like she just faded.

Ima pay homage. III am gaaan to upgrade my iTouch this week n all to the new 64Gb one. WooHoo, how excited am I? I haven't got THAT much musicsss on my iTunes [it being my 5th love n all]. BUT...If Ima have a 64Gb Mp3 player, the LEAST I can do is fill it up.

[I prefer apps and videos, which take up a reasonable amount but blah! I want more musicsss].

Now Brandy has five albums, [Brandy, Never Say Never, Full Moon, Afrodisiac and Human] I just bought 'Never Say Never' off iTunes, being the good law abiding citizen that I am. BUTTT...Good guys finish LAST. If I downloaded illegally I woulda had all five of 'em by now [probably].

Anyone wanna help?

So now basically my aim is to have all five of Brandys albums before I lay my head to rest for the night...

I'm on the prowl...

x Love Life [and GOOD MUSIC] & Smile x

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