Wednesday, 9 September 2009


No introduction necessary.

Yesterday Scorcher released a video on his youtube page [which I am subscribed to and I think you should be too], it's for his new street single 'Gangsta'. It's been APPARENTLY banned from TV BUT in the famous words of Ayo 'I don't give a D anyway', so long as he is in the video, I'm watchin' it.

Scorcher won me over from long time, when he went prison I was SHATTERED! But he RE won me over when he came out and featered in this. Bashy, Big Nasty, Scorcher and some Asian Ladies - Big Love.

'...and when we get a little bit cloers, maybe you can call me Tayo too'.


Is ONE person allowed to have it ALL, no but seriously?

My mates think my admiration is a JOKE! I'm not laughin'...I love him [exagg].

But he's beautiful, plus he is a lyrical G. <<<>

Though I've heard a LOAD of tracks from the album I STILL can't wait for 'Concrete Jungle' to get released, come onnnnnnnnnnnn Scorch, we're [more importantly I am] waitinggg!

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s...I had THE MADDEST FUNNEST day 2day, too tired...I shall fill you in 2mar.


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