Saturday, 5 September 2009

ShadeStar Scrutiny Vol.1

This is a NEW thang which I intend to make a regular post, I recently thought it up and decided it will be useful, interesting, insightful and alla daaah.

The name kinda says it all, I don't think an explanation is due, is it? Well just in case...

I'm ShadeStar, this post is my Scrutiny...ya dig?


Ayt, BASICALLY...This emotion is slyly nuts, I'm not ANGRY but I ain't SAD but I'm DEFO not happy, as of NOW! Like, I make mistakes, I do and say things that I know others may find inappropriate, rude, insulting or whatever and I do try my best to avoid situations like that BUT if I totally did the opposite of what I thought and felt just to please others or avoid treadin' on toes...wouldn't that make me fake?

Anyway, emotions...OBVIOUSLY that was gonna come up involved in this post, I'm slyly an emotional WRECK! I try to keep things composed and stuffsss, but each time ish just seems to hit the fan, like, withOUT fail, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

As you may have noticed, ISH HAS HIT THE FAN!

If you don't like someone, wouldn't it just make sense to leave them alone?

Don't talk about 'em, don't look @ 'em, don't think about 'em don't do NOUGHT towards, around or TO 'em. Leaaave theeem aloneee.

It's not by FORCE to LIKE a friend of a friend, just because you are friends with one person does NOT necessarily mean you have to then make friends with their friends, JAM!

I been sitting at my laptop, fingers floating across the keys on my board for about 27minutes now, not typing ANYTHING! I dunnoooooooo, I got some kinda RAGE in me. It's mad, I defo can't explain it. [sigh].

I get bored sometimes...

OooooooooH yeah, as you may notice from the ABOVE peek-sure that I decided to POKE my labret bar back into my lip. =D ...I missed it EVER so much.

What's on my mind? A LOT. I DO NOT think there will EVER be a time where I can actually tell you everything that is on/in there, it's probably IMPOSSIBLE.

I think about him A LOT [surprisingly NOT who you think I'm on about]. I feel sowwe for single parents, genuinely, though many cope and even prefer to be in that situation it is ACTUALLY not a very nice one to be in.


You get no sympathy if you cause yourself to fall over.

I learn from other people's mistakes so I don't have to make 'em for myself.

Remaining sexually inactive is probably one of the WISEST decisions I've EVER made though I lied to a mate of mine stating that I will break my celibacy on Sunday Evening, in fact at the time it wasn't a lie because I was sexually frustrated beyond measure so I ACTUALLY made it an option.

I question my religion A LOT, all the time really. I haven't been to church since new years eve this year and BEFORE that I hadn't been to church in a few years, REALLY BAD. I need some form of higher being in my life [I think].

I haven't had a tattoo in AGES [exagg], I think I need one within this week.

I can't wait until the 28th September 2009. PHUCK!

¬_¬ <<< I've become addicted to makin' this face in person and on the net

I don't care about your crew 'I'll chief up ALLA YA N*GGAS'.

I just finished watching 'American Gangster' Denzel? Na I'm not interested, BADDERMAN actor, but he is not choong [attractive] to me.

[I had a BAG of things to say, {yes more than this} but I can't seem to 'member].

Sometimes I get really irritable and I like to be left alone, the sound of someone BREATHING around me can make my blood boil and my skin itch, no hoax.

At times I have a REALLY short temper and an even shorter attention span.

It was my mate Nnena's birthday and I went to her house and had fun times and made new memories. I proper love her.

Typin' this has made me realise how much I ACTUALLY say the word actually. CORE! Who knew.

Ermmm...It's ALOTTA fings man, I honestly been sitting here typin' for TIME!

Oh yeah, when someone thinks you care about summink you REALLY don't care about...Like, why you so sure?

Even if I do, so? SO?! ArgH!

I'm bored of my shaved head but I can't seem to stop shaving it, why Anj, what's wrong with you?

This didn't turn out QUITE how I expected but yeah, hopefully Vol.2 will be BETTER and not so much of an emotional rant.

NEVER let 'em get the best of you, believe!

Ima leave you with summink that ALWAYS makes me feel bella...


...and that's my scrutiny.

x Love Life & Smile x

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