Monday, 14 September 2009

Slight FAIL, large SUCCESS






Aaaah, I did it, and ALL ON ME OWN N ALL. ;-)

My aim was to download ALL Brandys albums, well get 'em from other people or whatever. 'Buying' them became an instand FAILED plan, I bought ONE and the 3 bonus tracks were missin' so I thought, you know what...

YeaH, so I dunno how you illegal people do it, I mean...It is SOOO LONG! Core...HONESTLY!

I know people with OVER 5,000 songs on their iTunes, ironically NONE of which were bought from iTunes Store. I COULD NEVERRRRRRRRRRRR DO THAT.

The majority of my songs in iTunes were purchased from there OR imported from a CD or what have you.

The rest...were sent to me. ¬_¬


I would talk about the VMA's but you can just watch it @9pm today instead.

But I WILL say, Kanye West is a BADMAN [and a cutey]. AMBER ROSE is GaaaH! Lady GaGa is the BOMD DIGGIDY and Jay-Z is idolised.

^^^ This is me and my husband, NO really...

P.s...Is Michael Jackson dead?

x Love Life & Smile x

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