Saturday, 17 October 2009

No introduction needed...[But TECHNICALLY that is an introduction, right!?]


I see this video the other day but I dunno why I din't think to blog it, Oh well you've probably all seen it by now, but I guess you can never get enough of it ay...

Concrete Jungle out November 9th. I actually can't wait much longer, I been waitin' for TOOO long now!!!

x Love Life [SCORCHER] & Smile x

Friday, 16 October 2009

My Edge - er - merc - ay - sion

I actually have NOT blogged in AGES! Oh wow, there is no excuse, I have a REASON [or a few] but still no excuse.

I have returned/started University, right...I live off campus and haven't got internet in my abode yet...HOPEFULLY by the end of this week...As in next week. LoooL, I will have internet by then.

Empty promises are comfort for a fool, so...FOOL...I got a lot up my sleeve for you...Keep posted, until I post it...

x Love Life & Smile x

Sunday, 4 October 2009

My FAV celeb couple

If you know me you know that I have somewhat fallen in love with Amber Rose, if you don't know me but you're reading this then you know I have somewhat fallen in love with Amber Rose, if you don't know me and you're not reading this but someone you know IS and informs you that I am somewhat in love with Amber Rose, you will thus eventually know that I, AM SOMEWHAT IN LOVE WITH AMBER ROSE.


Ambs and 'Ye are my fav celeb couple man, bar the rumours their relationship is a publicity stunt and alla daaah, SO!? They look amazingly HOT together, agree!? YES, I thought you would.

Amber Rose has been modelling for 'ELLE' recently and she had a photoshoot this week which Kanye West was the stylist for. [PERF COUP]. Right, yeah 'Ye styled the shoot and Ambs did what she does best...look FIERCE!

Here's video footage from the shoot...

She's too much, they're too cute. I was NOT 'Ye's friend [yes I know him personally {in my dreams}] because I found out the 'Fame Kills' tour with GaGa has been CANCELLED, which almost led me to depression [exagg, but you know what I mean]. I was NOT and still am not impressed, but I'll get over it [no I won't].

I have had 'Day - 26 - Don't fight the feeling' on repeat for the good part of an hour now, nope, still not bored of it. Aaaah...

(8) '...Don't tell me, just show me. If you say you love me, when you touch me your body should say so...' Aaaaaaaaay, tune. ;)

P.s...ALDO is such a crap store, nothing online or in-store is worth a penny from my piggy...

x Love Life ['Ye and Ambs relationship] & Smile x


I couldn't think of a title!

But yeah, I ain't blogged for a minute or so [a few days] 'cause I been sortin' some other stuffsss out, so basc, I ain't had the time, well I have SECRETLY but by the time I get back in I can't bov to do anything else but speak to my boo on the phone then sleep!

The week has been slightly eventful but putting that to one side.


I know I say loads of times that I cannot breathe but LITERALLY [exagg] when I saw this, I couldNOT breathe! Naaaaaaaaaa, the picture slyly takes away some of the gruesomeness of it but BELIEVE it was NASTY!

My big bro found it, it was in our front garden, right by the side of his car, I mean I screamed!

The thing is, the cat/fox/evil animal that killed it, decided that my front garden was the ideal place to drop it off AND the feathers were EVERYWHERE! I think the WORSE part of it all is that it was killed and not eaten. I mean, what was the point!? LoooL. Pure evilness mayne!

I was not impressed, nobody wanted to touch it but then SUPERWOMAN came along [Me Mummy] and got rid of the distin and cleaned up all the residue and dem ting der. So yeah, 'til today please believe I hop skip JUMP over that part of the driveway, Ok!

I've returned back to Uni, not in the perfect fairytale way I planned to but returned nonetheless. It's there, ain't had a lecture [1st one is 2mar] so it's been COOL so far, I ain't been drunk yet.

I know of a lady who is a black version of Ellen from a 'Single White Female' I mean, she is a sly Psycho. [cold shivers].

Oh and I FINALLY saw the full length video for this tune!

HappY [late] NigeriaN IndependencE DaY to my fellow Nigerian brothers and sisters!

x Love Life & Smile x

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Basically, my point is...

I'm ILL! I mean, I canNOT breathe through my nose, so my lips are constantly dry due to them having to be left open to survive. My nose is stuffy, yet when I blow nought comes out. My head pounds from time to time. My back and right knee are bruised up and hurting. I sneeze uncontrollably. I'm ILL. I require cuddles, and plenty of 'em.

I dyed my hair. =D ...It's Chestnut Blonde, but do not be fooled, it's not peroxide blonde.

I have officially return to/started Uni [again].

I just painted my nails red and orange, they look pretty but I'm typing very carefully.

I reckon Eddie Murphy is WELL cute.

I'm watching 'The Heartbreak Kid' this film is JOKES!

I'm sippin' Tropical Juice, Mmmmmm...

I was craving Mc Donalds at like 3am yesterday, I was miserable 'cause I couldn't have none.

I was rude to someone like 24hrs ago. But I DO NOT feel bad because he deserved it.

I want a new phone, I'm changing my tariff and my Mother is a respected customer sooo, Ima try work some magics.


I got 6 40% off vouchers from ASOS. Fun times. hehe.

Amber Rose now has a labret piercing like I do, and has a hoop in it, LIKE I DO...YaaaY.

I just LOVE this couple man. K & A baybeee!

x Love Life & Smile x