Thursday, 1 October 2009

Basically, my point is...

I'm ILL! I mean, I canNOT breathe through my nose, so my lips are constantly dry due to them having to be left open to survive. My nose is stuffy, yet when I blow nought comes out. My head pounds from time to time. My back and right knee are bruised up and hurting. I sneeze uncontrollably. I'm ILL. I require cuddles, and plenty of 'em.

I dyed my hair. =D ...It's Chestnut Blonde, but do not be fooled, it's not peroxide blonde.

I have officially return to/started Uni [again].

I just painted my nails red and orange, they look pretty but I'm typing very carefully.

I reckon Eddie Murphy is WELL cute.

I'm watching 'The Heartbreak Kid' this film is JOKES!

I'm sippin' Tropical Juice, Mmmmmm...

I was craving Mc Donalds at like 3am yesterday, I was miserable 'cause I couldn't have none.

I was rude to someone like 24hrs ago. But I DO NOT feel bad because he deserved it.

I want a new phone, I'm changing my tariff and my Mother is a respected customer sooo, Ima try work some magics.


I got 6 40% off vouchers from ASOS. Fun times. hehe.

Amber Rose now has a labret piercing like I do, and has a hoop in it, LIKE I DO...YaaaY.

I just LOVE this couple man. K & A baybeee!

x Love Life & Smile x

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