Thursday, 5 November 2009

Alla daaah!

I have not blogged in AGES! This is REALLY bad, I'm not even gaaan to blame University nomore 'cause that isn't the real excuse, my growin' illness [Lethargy] is to blame. I NEED TO OVERCOME THISSS!!!

I ain't had me lappy @ Uni though with me so I can use that part [though I some how find myself on FaceBook at least once every 3days] ¬_¬

Right, Ima be back properly SOON. I won't say now 'cause that's almost a lie.

OMDZZZ!!! Last week Thursday, I performed at my Uni talent show called 'BE' it was LIVE! I am ever so proud of myself, the adrenaline rush was MENTAL! I loved every minute of it though, I have said before and REALLY mean it, Ima get serious with it so HOPEFULLY news and info on that will be on here soon[ish].


But yeah...Today there has been SO much Twitter banter about Trey Songz new video for his single 'I invented SEX'. I reckon quite personally boys are just HATIN'.

The girl looks hella pretty, nice body, Trey looks HELLA hot, nice body. They lookin' good, the video is NICE and the song is GOOD...SO!? What more do you want!?

Nobody said it should win video of the year but come on men, give it where it's due...

I just bought his album [Trey Songz] like 30minutes ago, I have had 'I invented SEX' on for the whole time but when I listen to the rest of the album, Ima let you know how it is...I heard it's good already though...

P.s...the £8 I used to BUY it on iTunes was meant to be for my train ticket back to yeah! Ermmm...Shafe!

x Love Life x

P.s...x2 No glove no love...Strap it up before you smack it up.


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