Thursday, 12 November 2009

Cheese on toast

I like cheese on toast, do you like cheese on toast!? 'Cause I LOVE cheese on toast.

Greetings earthlings, it is I, ShadeStar of planet Zybatron. [I enjoy sayin' that SO much it's a problem]

Todays been eventful, I had a lecture at 9 - 11. Usually I MISS that lecture I cannot lie, it's my only mornin' lecture of the whole week, for ME. 9am is 5am for the average person, TOO EARLY for anything let alone studying. But summink motivated me this mornin' and I got up and was on time for it [9:06] I was impressed.

I flew down [literally] to London 'cause I had to take my lil bro to some Athlete's exhibition fingy majig for 1pm. Got to London arounddd 12:15[ish] and who did I catch in Kings Cross Station!? Me Aunty, yaaay! I only yaaay because she drives and this is a ride home. She was comin' from some place doin' summink, I kinda zoned out 'cause I was slyly tired.

When I got home lil bro was ready and we set off. The exhibition was ALRIGHTTT you know, though I have no interest in coachin' or sports for that matter, it was somewhat enjoyable, PLUS we got free food. =D

On the journey home, I stopped off in Woolwich to meet a friend who borrowed my USB. Mans got work to do hinnit so I had to get that back, whilst in the process of doin' this my lil bro [whose name is Anthony, what I will be referrin' him as from this point on] said 'Aaargh, Anj lets go HMV quickly'. We went.

I din't know nor did I care what he wanted to do in HMV. He then says 'Aaah, you know that game I bought MW2 yeah!?'. I give him a straight face stare that simply means 'Go on'. He contines 'They got some night vision goggles that go with it yeah, they are SICK! It makes it like I'm proper in the game, like in the screen'. I then give him a side lip crawl left eyebrow raised glance that means 'FANTASTIC, why are you tellin' me this!?'. He proceeds, 'I BEGGG you buy them for me, pleaaase, it can be my early birthday present'. I blinked...

Na, the goggles look SICK though and as I been seein' him play the game I can just imagine the LIVEEE effect it will have on the gameplay, but like I MENTIONED, I will never use it and I wasn't interested in buyin' them but...should I buy it for him I contemplated...

Cut a long deliberation short, no I din't buy them for him...

When I got in I remembered, WAIT! THIS GUY HAD THESE GOGGLES IN THE HOUSE THE OTHER DAY!!! But he told me that they were my BIG brothers and that he was comin' to collect them later tonight, I then felt bad, but still not £120 worth of sad, sowwe Ant!

Knowin' me, Ima buy 'em for him on z weekend or summink, this lil guy is quite the persuader.


I slammed my right thumb in my Aunts car door, YOUCH! =( ...It don't hurt no more BUT apparently people's nails fall off when they get caught in doors and what have you...Dude, GOD FORBID! I'm shoook lie! Hopefully it's fine though, I ran it under cold water. ^.^

When I eventually got home, I jumped on Twitter and a friend of mine [@fizzief] shares how he is enjoyin' JLS' album '[no homo just promo]'.

AH HA! I ENJOY their album aswell surprisingly you knowww! I bought the album the other day and I am QUITE impressed. I LOVE 'Everybody In Love, Keep You, Heal This Heatbreak, Close To Me, Tightrope, Kickstart'. Naa the album is genuinely GOOD guys, I recommend it, honestly!

I think they had a bad start with 'Beat Again' and the shambolic video that went with it, but bar that, give it where it's due guys. But may I add that now when I listened to 'Beat Again' on iTunes without the video, I find myself singin' along to it. :O

Hehe, JLS baybeee.

x Love Life & Smile x

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