Saturday, 21 November 2009


Keri Hilson


I dunno where to begin really and truely...Ermmm...WHAT IS THAT ON HER HEAD PLEASE!?

Makes NO sense. It's like a cross between a full head of weave/ponytail/mullet/squirrel tail Ushanka lookin' discombobulation!

Apparently this chick is meant to have 'style' 'swagger' and all them other words that describe the way a person dresses and carries themselves...YEAH! [side eye] She dresses like a normal prissy girl, I DON'T see the big fuss.

I personally give it where it's due yeah, so Keri is a HOT PIECE OF LADY. Don't ever get that twisted BUT I just don't rate her like everyone else does, sowwe! She just don't have 'IT'.

She's NO Beyonce! [May I state that they are of the same age, SAD!]

But yeah, I didn't feel her music [I hadn't listened to anything to be fair] but some of my mates wanted to show me that she deserves the hype around her name and stuffsss...

I got her album, listened to it. Meh! It's good. I like ermmm...'Tell Him The Truth' 'Intuition' and 'Return The Favour'. There may be some more but as of now that's all I can think of. RIGHT...Basically OOOOOOOOOH YEAH! 'Slow Dance' Hooo YESSSH! That is a banger aswell [bar the fact that in the video she is wearin' a YSL Snake skin dress previously worn by my BOO Amber Rose who rocked it A MILLION, TRILLION INFINITY times better than her] I quite liked the video and do like the song.

Since then there's been no Keri hypes, I don't really play her album much but I see she released some next tune inspired by a German film or summink. It ain't on z album but yeah...

It's called 'I Like' and quite sadly, I don't. I really don't. LoL.

Her eyes, eeek! She got them bedroom eyes. But sincerely, Kel, GET RID OF THE HAIR!!!

I've said enough, you be the judge...



x Love Life & Smile x

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