Saturday, 21 November 2009

Lust For Life

'...but you could miss me with all that, diss me then crawl back, I really wish ya'll would fall back'

I got it, I'm listenin' to it, alla daaah!

I can't sleep [as usual] and I started to write...Well I was freestylin' actually, but I was writin' it down/tweetin' it. JOKES.

Well it was funny to ME until I realised how much JUNK I actually was writin'. GAAAH!

  1. : wishin' I was back there but prayin' I never go back there, I smile in fear, I cry in joy. GASSED! GOT8HJ96RQEP'RTYU (*&^%$%^&*(oEPRTFGH'J
  2. : this isn't what I want. Thinkin' it's what I need, findin' it difficult to let go, though I already let it slip through my fingers...
  3. : him all I see is a blank stare, what once was is no longer there, as I shed tears I smile and reminisce, longin' one last kiss knowin'...
  4. : he kept me afloat, as we set a sail on our love...ship, then came the bulls*** I'm forcin' to hold onto what isn't there, when I look at..
  5. : He promised that he'll catch me instead he made me fall. He became shallow the more I became DEEP in 'it' with him. Though I can't swim...

¬_¬ MAAAAAAAAADDEST SIDE EYE BOY. I dunno what came over me, Drake got me gassed up, I was thinkin' all this as I was bumpin' 'Lust For Life' instrumental.


YeaH, I dunno, at my age I'm still a scaredy cat, I'm not ashamed to admit this. Tonight I had a weird, scary, boot quivering experience I shall no longer talk about as it'll RE-scare me. I'll post it when the sunrises or summink.

Everyday I learn, I don't feel TOO bad when I do things wrong as all it means to be is that I've learnt summink new. In the end it'll all benefit me BUT sometimes I do wonder what this 'LIFE' is about, what it's for!? YeaH I believe in God, I ain't an Atheist or nought BUT my mind wanders, A LOT. So many unanswered questions, too many to list, pointless in talkin' about them as nobody seems to be willin' to provide any answers.

Whatever life is, I'm lustin' over it...a bad thing!? [shrugs] Another question unanswered.

Today I discovered that MAYBE, JAAAAAAAAAAAST MAYBE I chose the wrong career path...I was bored and was takin' pictures of myself as I tend to do [or make videos] when I'm bored. I stumbled across THIS...

THE MOST PERFECT SCHOOL TEACHER STANCE EVERRRRRRRRR! [NO EXAGG] I mean, what an interesting teacher I would be, I dunno what I'd teach though...Perhaps make up my own subject. =D ...Ayyy, me minds wanderin'.

iKid [slightly]

I believe it is a perfect school teacher stance BUT I do not believe I chose the wrong career path.

I'm talkin' rubbish and I have been told by someone today that I chat s*** so I shall not prove him right any further...

'Not all who wander are lost'.

x Love Life & Smile x

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