Monday, 9 November 2009

ShadeStar - Distorted

I forgot one of my deadlines were for this Monday...PAUSE!

NO I DIDN'T FORGET MY DEADLINE WAS ON MONDAY, my lecturer decided it was OK to change my deadline from the 24th - 9th. ¬_¬

NOT impressed. Major, just means I had to get me skates on.

RIGHT...It's not a PROPER deadline, it's called a 'Formative Assessment' which is basically the deadline before the REAL deadline where your lecturer gets the opportunity to tell you how crap your work you've done so far is...LoooL. Or in rare cases vice versa.

Anyway, so this FUNFILLED weekend I had planned got taken over by loads and LOADS of work doin'. I don't mind 'cause I got majority of it [for ONE module] out of the way so I'm happy and impressed. =)

Ermmm...YEAH! I took a break from all the hard work [Anj wipes sweat from forehead] and as usual, my short attention span found entertainment...


x Love Life & Smile x

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