Thursday, 31 December 2009

Thursday 31st December 2009

2009. WoaH! What can I say!? I dunno about YOU, but I had a good'un. I LOVED it, though obviously there were some downs, I enjoyed the ups too much to care about 'em now. I enjoyed myself, made decisions and GOOD ones at that, realised a few things and learnt plenty more.

I wanna say goodbye to 2009. NO 2010 is not MY year, I have to share it with the few billion people that exist on this green planet. NO I shan't make empty promises of success 'cause who knows tomorrow!? Certainly not I kind sirs, certainly not I.

We all have aspirations, goals, tasks that we set ourselves and we all hope to fulfill BUT many obstacles may come our way but we just knock 'em down innitttttt. WHAT ELSE DEN!? LoooL.

Nah but seriously, all I wish for is happiness and positivity 'cause with that, EVERYTHING is possible. With love and energy from your family and friends, that is a high I can live off of for the rest of my life [NO HYPE]. To all my loved ones, I wish you the BEST. To all those who hate me, I also wish you the best 'cause everyone deserves happiness and whether I offend you or you offend me, a smile is all I have to give.

I have NO New Years resolutions just hopes and wishes for better days to come. I have a particular approach to life I wish to test out and we'll see how it goes, I hope to get about more, be more focused and serious, BLOG MORE and enjoy my life to the fullest. Those are just GENERAL things, I don't need January 1st to come about to realise that.

Whatever you do into the New Year, ENJOY IT and stay blessed. One quote I love is 'Never a failure, always a lesson'.

I raise a glass of Rose to you all as I say, HappY NeW YeaR!

I KNOW you must be tired of it but Ima NEVER stop sayin' it...

x Love Life & Smile x

Monday, 28 December 2009

Dedication: Michael Kuba Kuba

I have a best friend, his name is Michael Kuba Kuba. He is like my other half, my alter ego, he SLYLY completes me, love is an understatement. But I am IN love with him.

He already gave me EARLY Christmas presents yeah but TODAY...

Happy canNOT describe. My grin looks like a capital U.

Ayyy, this laptop is LIVE! LoooL. The mouse is a Krappy Patty, can you IMAGINE. Kai!

When you have that special person[s] in your life, whether it's a family member, partner, friend, pet, imaginary pal. WHATEVER, show 'em that you love 'em EVERY SINGLE CHANCE you get. Not 'cause life is short ['cause we all hope that it ain't] but because they deserve it. A warm hug, kiss or compliment from the one you love is far more precious than ANYTHING!

Love is the perfect gift, if you got it, give it 'cause it'll come back to you multiplied. =)

I love you Michael.

x Love Life [those who love you] & Smile x

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Chasing Unicorns through fields of Disloyalty.

I wrote this yesterday to perform at the 60second open mic night at iLuv Live BUT I didn't go due to tiredness from work AND scaredness due to chickenitos. LoL.

But yeah, hope you like it...

Running and running and moving away so fast yet at a slow pace tryna chase anything to help get away from what you left behind. Hoping to find something new though you knew, no you know that what you had was the best but with time it grew into a mess, such distress forever in pain with no gain just restraining the urge to return to where you once were when you were happy with the way things were. I sometimes forget those memorable days in my pursuit of change wishin’ I could rearrange the structure of your lies and make them more believable so there’d still be a chance for you and I, to give IT a go, but I don’t want IT anymore ‘cause I feel SICK when I don’t see you, I mean when I do see you, your beautiful. NO! You’re a foolish fool, I’m not meant to like you anymore, I actually don’t want to like you anymore it’s got to the point where I love the fact I like you when I’m not meant to be liking you anymore, ‘cause it’s funny that we play tit for tat with an emotional baseball bat that I use to SMASH into your head whilst we lie together in bed and you tell me lies about how I’m the only one who’s been in your bed, all these sweet nothings now give me diabetic chills of affection as you crave for 100% of my attention as I ponder on my bad intentions. We’re perfectly wrong for each other...

x Love Life & Smile x

Sunday, 20 December 2009


My mate @CapriStar brought me in on this, I HAD to blog it.

Words can't describe [no I ain't bein' lazy] so just watch...

I won't start throwin' around comments like, she sung it better than Beyonce but Ayyy.



Oh and my quote for today is...

': 2008 = 2000 AND GREAT. 2009 = 2000 AND MINE. 2010 = 20 WHEN, ARE YOU ACTUALLY GONNA FULFILL THESE EMPTY PROMISES!? January 1st don't encourage change so shullup! Merry Christmas' ShadeStar.

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s...I resumed work today, I only worked from 10 - 2 BUT living the wreckless Uni life I live, 10am is EARLY! But yeah, nothing in comparison to the 9 - 9 shift I got 2mar. GARD!

P.s x2 R.I.P Brittany Murphy. Died today from a cardiac arrest, aged 32. SAD MAN! Ignorant ppl on Twitter and FaceBook get on my NERVES. Death is NEVER funny or to be ridiculed. No matter what.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

ElfYourself - Christmas Festivity!

*** This is an explanation for the video above ***


I feel like showin' my Mummy and be like 'Mummy look what I did, look Mummy'. But Ima big girl, so I not gonna do that. ¬_¬

Na, my girl @hannarnia tweeted this website called ElfYourself, I clicked on it. MADNESS begun!

Basically you get to create an elf, as yourself, it's GREAT! Well the name kinda makes that obvious don't it. But yeah, I dunno, I'm just easily pleased. At the end you get to chose what kind of talent you have, like a hip hop dancer, singer...I chose Disco baybeee.

I'm gaaan to create another one. The greatest thing is...IT'S FREE. Well, unless you wanna like, buy a gift you've made or summink!? But seeing an elf version of myself dance to disco was ALL the joy I needed. =D

Oh, and I finished my essay today, be proud of meeeeeeeee. Whoop Whoop! Now, I'm off to design a snood for my recycle project which is due next week. SAD!

x Love Life & Smile x

Ima sucker for my ex, he comes over, next thing you know, I'm suckin' on my ex...

iWrite by Andrea Ushedo.

I'm in my Uni LRC. No I'm not doing work and NO I did not plan to be here. Basically I'm meant to be gaaan London at 09:22 BUT I missed my coach. My eyes are BURNIN' and I'm STUPID tired. My battery is DEAD, SAD! Why I may need battery life you ask!? 'Cause me mate is gonna stay over mine for z weekend SO I give him my key AND he ain't in. Where he has gone is BEYOND ME! I ain't even angry I'm just MAD tired to be honest.

I had a long night I was speakin' to my boy @ayojourno for a coupla coupla ['til me battery died, sowwe 'Yo] then I went to SLEEP!


I lay in my cousins bed thinkin'...

for AGES...

'til the sun rose, which was about 7[ish]

Then I dosed off and went to 'sleep'.

Actually 'sleep' is STILL an overstatement, I'll say, my eyelids did a snail pace type blink 'cause I was basically up by 8:20 and in the shower by half past.

Left my cousins around 9:15, started walkin' up z road to catch the coach to LDN. Got there at 9:23 THE COACH HAD GONE! WTPHUCK, the coach is meant to arrive at 9:22 why is it gone ONE minute later!? I have got this coach on NUMEROUS ocassions [twice] and [BOTH TIMES] it has been LATE! I'm not talkin' 5mins late. Ok, the coach comes every hour at 22past. I'm talkin' one time it came on the hour, so basically 38minutes late. Why, when it's FREEZIN' cold this mornin' does it wanna try and be on time and leave in a jiffy!? It's upsettin'.

But anyway, I ain't even angry, all my anger got used up last night/EARLIER this mornin' sooo I got none left 'til next year [but hopefully never]. I can't get angry for too long [over 15minutes] I've also got this CONSTANT reminder PRINTED on my fingers that never lets me stay sad.

I used to think I forgave too easily, but is there a time frame!? We just forgive. Life & Let die baby, it makes me stronger.


Do you know how many ppl I've seen walk into the LRC!? GARSH. I mean, does your brain function better at 9am on a Saturday mornin' or summink! I don't get it, there are LOADS OF PEOPLE, sleep, no, anyone!? SheesH!


YeaH so anyway I'm gaaan back to readin' my book [Sister Sister by Eric Jerome Dickey {GUYMAN AUTHOR}]/writin' my saucy poem, then I MIGHT decide to do some work before the 10:22 coach arrives but I highly doubt it, or I MIGHT decide to quickly RUN to ASDA and purchase some Wellington boots I saw in there the other day. The latter seems more realistic/the truth.

(8) ...Walk, walk, fashion baby. Work it, move that b*&%$ crazy...


x Love Life & Smile x

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I knock her lights out and she still shine

No matter how MUCH I love Lil Wayne, and I love him, yesh I dooo. I must admit, Young Money are a MESS! ¬_¬

Their look, I mean. Them together as ONE is A LOT. They hurt my eyes to be quite honest...You may call me EXTRA but...

Nicki Minaj - This whole Harajuku Barbie thing is ANNOYIN'. Simply because I LOVEEE Japan with all my heart and soul, I BEG Harajuku n all, they have FANTASTIC sense of style BUT Nicki has got Indian in her which is nowhere near Japanese so that frustrates me. It's like me callin' myself a Black Star when I'm CLEARLY a Super Eagle...get it!? She's HOT though.

Gudda - I mean...[sigh]

Drake - Meh! We got2 love him regardless.

The Wiz Khalifa lookin' guy, can't member his name but he is in the 'BedRock' video, the one with all the tattoos and the polaroid camera...What is he about...

But yeah anyway...WEEZY F, WE LOVE YOU BAYBEEEE. That's enough criticising.

YeaH, 'Young Money - BedRock' video came out...I LIKE IT YOU KNOOOW! Lloyd. :O ...Damn! He is [insert word closest to perfection here]

YeaH, I like the video, it's nothing fantastic but it's good, so 'Ye clearly never directed it...[Ooooooh]. iKid.


I just slyly took a break from doing my work to quickly do this post. I hate to rush it BUT I've done 400words in like 2hours which is NOT great, PLUS the book I needed I found out is on loan 'til the 17th...when my essay is due in on the 16th. PAR!

But yeah...straight to the point, the video is COOL.

Wish me luck with progression of my essay and wish me luck AGAIN with the meeting I got 2mar mornin' [which is at 9:30, so you KNOW sleep is lackin' today].

x Love Life & Smile x

P.s... @Mali_Marls is a BIG FAT POO POO STIRRER! LoooL. Lil cute bundle of joy, who woulda known of her evil and conniving ways...

P.s x2 ...She [Malz] has been christened Yemi. =)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I can't believe it's bashment


The 'music' [I use that term looooooooooooooosely] is foul, I just don't feel in ANY SHAPE, SIZE OR FORM. It's not THAT!

I have never liked bashment, raves, never danced to it [and I can dance =P] it just doesn't interest me at all boy.



There I am, in my mates car as she blasts 'Teairra Mari - Phonebooth'. I hadn't heard that tune in AGESSS!!! Anyway, we were singin' along to it, twas cute, then the song faded...





'Me nah wan nah borin' F&%$, me nah wan nah borin' whine'


'Vybz Kartel - Bicycle'

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!!! [Anj' waist does a tingggggggggggggggggg]

I still HATE bashment. This tune is demonic 'cause it makes me like it though I DON'T WANT TO!!! :@ ...AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!

But it's a TUNE. =)

'...ride pon d cocky like a bicycle, ride pon d cocky like a bicycle, you love the lollipop you love the icylce, me don tell ya me nah wan nah borin' gyal'.

I could have possibly lost friends 'cause of this, LoooL. But meh! I give it where's it's due, I can't HELP IT!

Oh and I have a STRONG idea to WHY this song suddenly appeals to me, [sigh]. We talk about it later!

x Love Life [NOT BASHMENT] & Smile x

SEX [no introduction]

I need an introduction. I'm squeamish, giggle a lot, QUITE very shy so I blush a lot and pretend I don't like certain things said and done to me 'cause I dunno how to react to 'em. With all this, I am easily pleased.

Anyone willing to give me an introduction to SEX!? I'm being SO serious...ANYONE!?

I'm not on about the birds and the bees, Year 8 sex ed and me mummy got all that part covered, the dangers and blah di blah...

I know the basic outline, I don't want that, if you and a boy like eachother, you may decide to have sex to show how passionate you are for on another, BRAVVV!!! I know the BASICS INNIT!

I AM quite secretive at times BUT things I personally feel EVERYBODY goes through I share, if it's TMI...I apologise. YeaH, so sexual frustration, it's been here for a while, lingerin' around and stuffsss...LoL. I CURED it one time, or swept it under the carpet, one of 'em but it wasn't there basically at one point, well it's BACK now.

FACE, I'm not even interested in it nomore [iLied] but I just don't want it [iLied again] I'M BORED OF IT [My name is Pinocchio] Ok basically, I don't wanna get it anymore incase I soon get tired of it. So if you don't wanna partake in summink you LOVE and enjoy, you got to replace it 'cause tryna get rid of it completely is just not realistic.

I've told my mates @WillOkobi and @ayojourno that I was gonna DO one guy that I liked called **S**N BUT I chickened out, he's WENG, we flirt on Twitter. [FOLLOW ME @Shadestars]

I listen to 'Trey Songz - Invented Sex' and think, YIKES!

Then I listen to 'Teedra Moses - Complex Simlicity' then I'm like, Mmmm, 4real.

THEN COMES ON 'Paramore - Pressure' then I'm like GAAAH!

SEX! I think about it probably MORE than boys, difference is, I'm not active. I'm not tryna release the inner BOSH within me or find a guy to BONE but I just wondered A LOT about people's idea on what sex is to them, if they need it or just indulge in it, are they out to please themselves or their 'partner'. I dunno...Just randomly wonderin'.

x Love Life [practice safe sex] & Smile x