Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Chasing Unicorns through fields of Disloyalty.

I wrote this yesterday to perform at the 60second open mic night at iLuv Live BUT I didn't go due to tiredness from work AND scaredness due to chickenitos. LoL.

But yeah, hope you like it...

Running and running and moving away so fast yet at a slow pace tryna chase anything to help get away from what you left behind. Hoping to find something new though you knew, no you know that what you had was the best but with time it grew into a mess, such distress forever in pain with no gain just restraining the urge to return to where you once were when you were happy with the way things were. I sometimes forget those memorable days in my pursuit of change wishin’ I could rearrange the structure of your lies and make them more believable so there’d still be a chance for you and I, to give IT a go, but I don’t want IT anymore ‘cause I feel SICK when I don’t see you, I mean when I do see you, your beautiful. NO! You’re a foolish fool, I’m not meant to like you anymore, I actually don’t want to like you anymore it’s got to the point where I love the fact I like you when I’m not meant to be liking you anymore, ‘cause it’s funny that we play tit for tat with an emotional baseball bat that I use to SMASH into your head whilst we lie together in bed and you tell me lies about how I’m the only one who’s been in your bed, all these sweet nothings now give me diabetic chills of affection as you crave for 100% of my attention as I ponder on my bad intentions. We’re perfectly wrong for each other...

x Love Life & Smile x

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